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Here Is The Interview With One Of My Modelers Spinogator!

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What was the hardest thing to make for the game?
Probably making the Megalodon, it took alot of work before i decided to make the face more minecraft style that real life because it was too hard, but it turned out really good in the end.

What feature are you looking forward to the most?
The feature i'm looking forward to the most would probably be just the free roam on either dinosaur or normal mode, i just love being able to go anywere and do anything, and nowing a dino could be anywere.

Which dinosaur in the game is your favourite?
I think for that i would have to say the megalodon i made, mostly because i've never played a game where you get to hunt an underwater creature of the dino age.

Do you think that the game will be very succesful?
I have very high hopes for this game and i hope we can advertise it on every dinosaur-game related website.

What content would you like to be added in the future?
The biggest and best content that is yet to be added will easily be multiplayer, but i'm also glad it will not be added to later when the game has enought members for online play.

Do you like all of the parts of the game?.
Yes, every part of the game seems really good, and i hope it will achieve perfection in the future

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