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A short interview with Aidy discussing the mod, and some of the features and plans expected.

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Hey, Wired here again and this time with another interview with Aidy. I went over some of the basic stuff and hopefully this will help you guys understand what's going.

Me: "Well first things first and is probably will be the most asked question, when's it coming out?"

Aidy: "Well, it is asked a fair bit but not as much as it is on other mods, I think that maybe because people have read what I said and thought "These guys have things to do other than developing this mod, best not hassling them". As for the release date, I can't say for certain. I'm not sure about getting a release out this year, I want to make sure it's well done and there aren't any major bugs that cause engine errors, so I can't say for sure."

Me: "What new features can we be expecting from this game compared to other mods and the original game?"

Aidy: "Well, I've not seen many mods have very large maps that are open-world for a start off. The HL2 series, especially Episode 2, have large maps but they're more... enclosed. There's also going to be some kind of inventory system, maybe even a merchant system. We're hoping to add emissions, artifacts and anomalies. We are also hoping to add a kind of PDA interface, side-missions alongside a main mission. I want to add faction wars to the game, and have a system that can make you friendlier with a certain faction, which results in the enemy faction hating you and shooting you if they see you."

Me: "What can we expect for gameplay?"

Aidy: "Well it'd going to be scary, we can say that for sure. The gameplay is also going to be atmospheric, just like STALKER is. There are also elements of psychological gameplay in there, so the game will hopefully make you very cautious when going into unknown territory. What I really want is for the STALKER gameplay immersion to be recreated as well as it can be in Source."

Me: "What can we expect for maps?"

Aidy: "Big ones. The outdoor map will be as big as we can make it. We're going to test how big of a map the Source engine can actually render without a huge FPS drop (Which may be difficult, seeing as both me and Jonas have very high-end computers so our render times and framerate will be better). The underground facilities will be similar to the ones in STALKER. There won't be any exact recreations of labs (I might have said there will be, I've changed my mind as time isn't exactly plentiful anymore) but there will be elements that might make you think "Oh I saw that in Jupiter Plant's underground" or something. So yeah, they'll be large for definite."

Me: "What can we expect for characters?"

Aidy: "Characters, characters is a difficult one to explain at the moment. I don't want to exactly tell everyone all the characters at the moment. To be truthful, we don't have many. Our story just got decided, we have one of the antagonists ready, he needs drawing or modelling. We're going to think up of the protagonist and he won't be your superhuman invincible badass who can be compared to people like Mike Tyson or something, he's going to be that average Eastern European guy who wants something. The characters will be hopefully like those people who you can get to know and relate to, and you'll be sad if they die or something."

: "Who exactly is working on this project?"

Aidy: "Me and my good friend Jonas. We've been friends ever since I joined Steam and we're both huge fans of STALKER. We've got 2 other guys who are going to help us out with mapping and one of them is ‘BerZerK' who wrote the winning storyline. We're always looking out for guys who can contribute but we want to keep the team small."

Well that's the gist of it hopefully that answers most of your questions.


I was playing Fight Night Champion while answering these :3

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Cool. So many stalker mods being developed makes me excited.

So my list of must have mods are:
-Stalker - Lost Alpha
-Crysis - Sector 23
-Halflife - The Road to Pripyat

I hope things continue to progress and I would love a merchant system as well. There is satisfaction in picking a variety of new items up because of the wonder of what potential riches it can give you... and what items you can buy :D

Besides, closer to Stalker the better

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Glad you're excited :3
Things are gunna progress, at a slow rate for a period of time but it'll get faster as we get more and more content done. I'm interested in the merchant system because it could work in the Source engine, there's nothing stopping it being created. Source is used as an engine for an MMO so it must have the potential. There's probably one or two mods or indie games built on Source that have a trading/merchant system too.

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What can we expect for weapon damages? One of the best ways to prevent a player from walking through enemies with top tier equipment is to up the damage numbers quite a bit.

I'd like to see a 3 to 2 hit kill for everyone, except for the tougher mutants.

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Yeah it isn't going to be a walk in the park for everyone. The damage on STALKER seems pretty fair as it is, especially on Pseudogiants and Chimeras. So what you said sounds like a good damage value for a good system.

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