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Ikki is an independent Hardcore Web Browser MMO, based on MU.

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Already implemented game features for 0.74 Public early access:
* Character creation/deleting (Dark Knight, Dark Wizard, Fairy Elf, Summoner);
* Drag & drop inventory/equipping items;
* Item description on hover;
* Dropping jewels on items in inventory (supported: bless, soul, life, harmony, refining stones);
* Stats screen with real time calculations of stats depending on equipment;
* Bank;
* Personal store;
* Market listing all items from personal stores;
* Browsing battle maps (currently eight maps);
* Battles with dynamically loading enemies depending on selected spot;
* Drinking potions and learning skills from inventory;
* Golden invasions (each 8 hours);
* HTML5 animation on character selection screen;
* Global ranking

*in-game golden invasion status screen

Early access available for free 27 sep, 2017 exclusive on IndieDB

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