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As you may of know, my computer and MOD SDK have both been everything but useful. But, good news, I have now resolved the problems with my MOD SDK and I now have it working from my USB.

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I now own a USB portable version of MOD SDK, I am willing to share the portable tool to those having the same problem as me. Below is a copy of the information for the batch files I created to make my MOD SDK work.

Get a USB stick with 8GB free space (more if you want a big MOD).
Install MOD SDK to your PC.
COPY (do not move) Command & Conquer 3 to your USB stick (along with MOD SDK).
Then COPY the file BuildMod.BAT and paste the file in the same folder as the USB version of MOD SDK.
Then click Edit on the new file and add the below.
The Blue bits are the same as the original and the Red bits are changed bits edited for USB booting.

@echo off
@echo Mod Name: %1
@echo Building Mod Data...
tools\binaryAssetBuilder.exe "????\Mods\%1\data\mod.xml" /od:"????\BuiltMods" /iod:"???\BuiltMods" /ls:true /gui:false /UsePrecompiled:true /vf:true
@echo Building Low LOD...
tools\binaryAssetBuilder.exe "????\Mods\%1\data\mod.xml" /od:"????\BuiltMods" /iod:"????\BuiltMods" /ls:true /gui:false /UsePrecompiled:true /vf:true /bcn:LowLOD /bps:"????\BuiltMods\mods\%1\data\mod.manifest"
@echo Copying str file if it exists...
IF EXIST "????\Mods\%1\data\mod.str" copy "????\Mods\%1\data\mod.str" "????\BuiltMods\mods\%1\data"
@echo Copying Shaders...
IF NOT EXIST "????\BuiltMods\mods\%1\Shaders" md "????\BuiltMods\mods\%1\Shaders"
copy "????\Shaders\*.fx" "????\BuiltMods\mods\%1\Shaders"
del "????\Builtmods\mods\%1\data\mod_l.version"
@echo Creating Mod Big File...
tools\MakeBig.exe -f "????\BuiltMods\mods\%1" -x:*.asset -o:"????\BuiltMods\mods\%1.big"
@echo Copying built mod...
IF NOT EXIST "F:\Applications\C&C\DocumentsTW\mods" md "F:\Applications\C&C\DocumentsTW\mods
IF NOT EXIST "F:\Applications\C&C\DocumentsTW\mods\%1" md F:\Applications\C&C\DocumentsTW\mods\%1
copy "builtmods\mods\%1.big" "F:\Applications\C&C\DocumentsTW\mods\%1"

Save this as a .BAT file using Notepad (or Notepad ++), as you may of copied the file this should be easy.
This works for the 'F' Drive, you must have this in the ROOT folder with the other BATCH files.
If you are using the 'E' Drive then change this accordingly.
Rename the file BuildMod - Copy as BuildModUSBF (for the 'F' Drive) or BuildModUSBE (for the 'E' Drive)

I personally own E, F, G and H Drive bootable versions of this document.
I use the ROOT "[DRIVE]\Applications\C&C\DocumentsTW" personally.

Assuming that you have done this correctly, MOD SDK should respond and make the .BIG files you want.
If this still does not work fully then run as admin, NOTE: ONLY ADMINS CAN USE .BAT FILES TO CREATE OTHER FILES.

You may need to get the a copy of the cnc3game.dat file from so that you can test your MOD on PC's without C&C3; (NOTE: d3dx9_29.dll will be required along with DirectX9c). To make World Builder portable and to fully update it do the following below.

Edit CNC3_wb_1.0.cfg

try-add-config Lang-german\1.9\config.txt
try-add-config Lang-english\1.9\config.txt
try-add-config EnglishAudio\1.7\config.txt
try-add-config Movies\1.0\config.txt
try-add-config Core\1.9\config.txt
try-add-config RetailExe\1.9\config
try-add-config d3dx9_29.dll
add-search-path big:

copy and replace the above with whatever you have in the file, ensure to copy the d3dx9_29.dll file into the same directory (same folder) as the CNC3.EXE file.


All of the ???? are actually suppose to be % c d % (Without the spaces).

IDK why but the formatting is being stupid.

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I did put this in the wrong area, LOL.

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Guess we must contact Starfox100 or Henley or whoever can clean this up.

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