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Our second Hero preview for characters that will be included in the first release, Sakura Haruno returns from Naruto Wars Unlimited to take part in Naruto Wars Reborn. Her abilities remain the same from her NWU counterpart, but has been polished while ported into the Source 2 engine. Once again, keep in mind, all heroes and abilities are subject to change, and no build is final!

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npc dota hero phantom assassin Sakura Haruno

Str - 22 + 2.75

Agi - 21 + 2.00

Int - 14 + 1.30

Attack - 45-47


MS - 310

Armor - 3.90

sakura earth slam Earth Slam


Sakura gathers chakra within her fist and slams the ground, rupturing the earth beneath her. Enemy units within the area upon impact are dealt magical damage will be stunned.

Radius - 200/250/300/350

Damage - 75/150/225/300

Stun Duration - 2.00 seconds

Mana Cost - 140

Cooldown - 15 seconds

sakura chakra burst Chakra Burst


By gathering chakra within her legs, Sakura is able push her speed to new heights. Once activated, Sakura's movement speed is increased to maximum for a short period of time.

Duration - 3/4/5/6 seconds

Mana Cost - 25

Cooldown - 30/25/20/15 seconds

sakura chakra enhanced strength Chakra Enhanced Strength


Utilizing her excellent skills in chakra control, Sakura drastically increases the power behind her punches. Passively grants a chance to deal extra physical damage from normal attacks, while also pushing the enemy unit back a short distance.

Extra Damage - 50/75/100/125

Push Back Distance - 125/160/195/230

Push Back Duration - 0.25/0.50/0.75/1.00 seconds

Proc Chance - 15%

sakura inner sakura Inner Sakura


Sakura unleashes her inner self, bringing forth her true personality to light. While in this state, Sakura's will and strength are drastically increased, causing her to become nearly unstoppable. Grants a large percentage of extra damage to Sakura's normal attacks while also increasing her armor.

Bonus Damage Percentage - 100%/125%/150%

Bonus Armor - 6/9/12

Buff Duration - 20 seconds

Mana Cost - 100/150/200

Cooldown - 80 seconds

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