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All Information regarding Tiberium Crisis's GDI Upgrades.

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Upgrade List

[GDI - Offense Upgrades]


  • Guns Upgrade: Increases damage of Wolf, Bulldog
  • Missiles Upgrade: Adds rocket pods to Talon, Sandstorm and increases their AoE
  • Hardpoints: Allows Orca and Firehawk to carry more missiles


  • Spectrum Upgrade: Adds a weapon to Titan, increases accuracy and AoE of shockwave, increases refraction of Striker and Refractor
  • Resonance Shells: Increases damage of Hunter and Mammoth, adds rocket pods to Mammoth and icreases its AoE
  • Dispersion Bays: Allows Mastodon to launch depth charges from both sides

[GDI - Defense Upgrades]


  • Enhanced Structures: Increases damage and hp of Guardian Cannon and Missile Turret
  • Hardpoints: Allows Orca and Firehawk to carry more missiles
  • Speed Boost: Increases most Infantry’s speed, gives assault packs to Zone Defender, Zone Trooper, Zone Enforcer, Zone Captain


  • Sticky bombs: Allows Juggernaut to launch a series of large mines
  • Reflective Dozer: Provides reflective dozer blades for the Armadillo and Rhino, which can reduce damage from enemies.
  • Advanced Structures: Increases damage and hp of Focus Beam, Falcon MLRS.

[GDI - Support Upgrades]


  • Sensor device: Allows Hurricane to fire a Sensor Pod (get sight and detect stealth), allows Sheppard Tank to detect stealth
  • Support Module: Allows Archangel to increase targeted allies damage or decrease targeted enemy damage
  • Hardpoints: Allows Orca and Firehawk to carry more missiles


  • Static Field: Allows Conductor to launcher EMP
  • Berzerker Engines: Allows Hammerhead to activate berzerker engine (increase damage and AoE)
  • Spectrum Upgrade: Increases damage of Paladin and Thunderhead

[ZOCOM Upgrades]


  • Composite Armor: Makes T1 and T2 infantry immune to Tiberium poisoning
  • EMP Grenades: Allows Grenadier Squad to throw EMP grenades
  • Hardpoints: Allows Orca and Firehawk to carry more missiles


  • Mortar Upgrade: Adds a long range mortar to Pitbull
  • AP Ammo Upgrade: Increases damage of APC, Slingshot, Hammerhead Watchtower and Anti-Air Battery
  • Railgun Upgrade: Inrceases damage of Predator Tank, Mammoth Tank, Guardian Cannon and Battle Base

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