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GBR TACTICS 1.0 has new many features for you to play with, such as:

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GBR TACTICS has new many features for you to play with, such as:
+ Full English translation for Imperivm GBR Spanish.
+ More tactics in game.
+ Better balance in game.
+ A lot of new icons for heroes.
+ A lot of new artefacts.
+ Unit becomes veteran after 10 kills.
+ New unit Barbarian Liberati and Barbarian Javelin on map.
+ New unit Long Bow Archer.
+ Teleport (tunnel) he was removed.
+ Additional food after kills animal.
+ Weak units they less eat.
+ Possibility of extension of village.
+ Possibility of buying the food in trade post.
+ Hero favourite unit - new skill.
+ Improve gate and outpost.
+ Hire sentry in outpost.
+ Add building Great Taver on map - can hire hero.
+ All outpost converts villagers inside the outpost.
+ New upgrade Mercenaries Guild.
+ Automatic increases the stronghold population.
+ Hunting fish.
+ Hero becomes Leader after 5 kills.
+ Iron Mine.
+ Fix multiplayer crash.
+ Automatic bring food.
+ Can burn building.
+ Cavalry can Great Charge.

A lot of more in future...

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