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Just summery on game information, keys and objects in game.

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Game Control

  • Key UP will move player up.
  • Key DOWN will move player down
  • Key LEFT will move player left.
  • Key RIGHT will move player right.
  • Key ENTER for selecting menu items.

Game Objects

  1. Type: Player
  2. Health: 100
  3. Boss Damage Taken: 2HP per bullet.
  4. Minions Damage Taken: 1HP per minion hit.
  5. Player Damage to Minions: 50HP per bullet
  6. Player Damage to Boss: 2HP per bullet
  1. Type: Boss
  2. Health: 100
  3. Damage To Player: 2HP per bullet.
  4. Special: Moves Up and Down.
  • Type: Minions
  • Health: 100
  • Damage To Player: 1HP.
  • Special: Moves Up and Down. Swamp in huge group.


  • Try to shoot two bullet at once, since it will kill the minion fast.
  • Try spamming bullet up and down to avoid getting hit by boss bullet and have better change of hitting boss with your bullets.
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