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Galactic Conquest is a Full Conversion Mod for Battlefield 1942! The Current Development Team would like to announce Version 8.4! Navigate this page or download from moddb!

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Galactic Conquest 8.4 - Release:

This version includes a roll-up of previous incremental patches which offered new skins, textures, and lighting enhancements. Other additions include - Increased fog distance for:
Tatooine, Tanaab, Taskforce, and Vanguard. This version introduces Bespin Night, a redesigned Bespin with a new skymap, textures, and lighting. Streamlining the Mod included the removal of unused files and repacking the archives to a smaller format.
These changes can be seen in this event promotional video!

Galactic Conquest is currently being served with evolving server-side modifications which work in concert with other development!
We have regular online events and the occasional contest! Please join us on Discord for information on upcoming events and the latest incremental patches! or

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