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Gaara is the subject of our third Hero preview as he will also be included within the first release. He will be retaining much of his core components from NWU as a powerful ranged support. Keep in mind, all heroes are subject to change, as this preview may not reflect the hero upon release, and he may be changed in future patches.

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npc dota hero lion Gaara

Str - 18 + 1.60

Agi - 14 + 1.00

Int - 24 + 3.25

Attack - 43-44

Ranged (600)

MS - 290

Armor - 1.00

gaara sabaku kyuu Q - Sand Coffin (Sabaku Kyuu)

Target Unit, Channeled

Gaara encases his target in chakra infused sand, crushing and immobilizing his victim. Over the course of the channel, a target enemy unit is immobilized and disabled as they are lifted into the air. After channeling for 1.40 seconds, the target will receive magical damage as they are lowered back onto the ground. Effect will end if Gaara stops channeling, and no damage will be dealt if 1.40 seconds of channeling was not been reached.

Range - 700

Channel Duration - 2.80 seconds

Damage - 100/150/200/250

Mana Cost - 100/115/130/145

Cooldown - 20 seconds

gaara ryuusa bakuryu W - Sand Tsunami (Ryusa Bakuryu)

Target Area

Creates a torrent of sand to crash into a target area, covering enemy units while bombarding them. Stuns all enemy units caught within the radius while dealing magic damage to them. Damage dealt to enemy units is given overtime as long as they remain within the area.

Range - 750

Radius - 300

Maximum Damage - 100/170/240/300

Damage per Half Second - 25/42.5/60/75

Area Damage Duration - 2 seconds

Stun Duration - 1.00 seconds

Mana Cost - 105/120/135/150

Cooldown - 10 seconds

gaara suna no yoroi E - Sand Armor (Suna no Yoroi)

Active, Toggle

Considered to be his "Absolute Defense", Gaara encases himself with the sand within his gourd to protect him from harm. While toggled, the Sand Armor absorbs a percentage of incoming damage in exchange for Gaara's mana.

Damage per Mana - 0.55/0.70/0.85/1.00

Percentage of Damage Absorbed - 60%

Cooldown - 5 seconds

gaara sabaku taiso R - Sand Burial (Sabaku Taiso)

Target Point

Gaara unleashes his power on a grand scale, releasing a huge torrent of sand which overwhelms his opponents. After a short delay, a large wave of sand is released towards a target point that will grow in radius overtime. Enemy units that come into contact with the wave will become stunned while taking magic damage.

Range - 900

Initial Radius - 50

End Radius - 300

Magic Damage - 300/450/600

Stun Duration - 1.25/1.75/2.25 seconds

Cast Time - 1.00 second

Mana Cost - 175/250/350

Cooldown - 130/100/70 seconds

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