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Various changes:- Currency is Euro, instead of dollar
- Instead of sign ''VINEWOOD'' it's says now ''SRBIJA'' (eng. ''SERBIA'')
- Gangs replaced with supporters of Red Star, Partisan, FC Zemun, OFK Belgrade, Obilic and Vojvodina
- Changed Graffities
- Changed background images during loading screen
- Changed military and police uniforms
- Changed billboards in town
- Instead of ''Burger Shot'' now its ''Mc Donalds''
- Serbian flag on top of the mountain
- Vending machine for LION beer
- Police Station
- Hospital
- Military base
- Firefigther station
- Gasoline station
- Instead of ''Ten bottles caffe'' name changed to ''SPORT Caffe''
- Gambling company Meridian
- Red Bull factory
- Inserted sign ''Dobrodosli u Beograd'' (eng. Welcome to Belgrade)
- C Market
- Car Saloon ''Zastava-Kragujevac''
- Photographic camera Cannon
- Parachute
- Icon for Save in game changed
- Icon for Health in game changed
- Console in home changed with SONY PLAYSTATION 2Vehicle Changes:-Stratum= Audi A4 avant
-Perennial= Nissan Primera
-Regina= Nissan Stagea
-Moonbeam= Citroen C8
-Pony= Toyota Hiace
-Burrito= Toyota Town Ace
-Rumpo= VW Eurovan
-Turismo= Ferrari Super America
-Infernus= Ferrari 550 Barchetta
-Bullet= Opel Speedster
-Supergt= Mercedes SL500
-Cheetah= Audi TT
-Banshee= BMW M3
-Zr350= Porsche Carrera GT
-Faggio= Gilera Runner 50SP
-FCR900= Honda CBR
-Sanchez= KTM 350
-NRG500= Yamaha M1
-PCJ600= Yamaha R1
-Huntley= BMW X5
-Landstal= Mercedes Benz G500
-Rancher= Jeep GC
-Mesa= Lada Niva
-Buffalo= Alfa GT
-Manana= Audi A2
-Greenwood= Audi A4
-Emperor= Audi A6
-Sentinel= Audi A8
-Fortune= Audi Quattro
-Savanna= Zastava 101
-Elegant= BMW 645ci
-Hermes= VW Buba
-Primo= Fiat Panda
-Bravura= VW Golf V
-Admiral= Mercedes Benz 200D
-Vincent= Renault Clio V6
-Voodoo= Renault 4
-Previon= Renault Megane II
-Stafford= Renault Scenic II
-Majestic= Smart
-Washing= VW Passat
-Elegy= Dacia Logan
-Clover= Zastava 750LE
-Uranus= Lada 2107
-Sultan= Peugeot 107
-Barracks= Military Truck for Serbian Military
-Coach= Autobus GSP
-AT400= Airplane Jata (BOING 747)
-Artict1= Coca Cola Prikolica
-Mule= Gaz 3302
-Stretch= Limousine Mercedes Benz CL65
-Rdtrain= Scania 164L
-Taxi= Škoda Superb TAXi
-Cabbie= Ford Focus TAXI
-Patriot= Willys MB Military SUV - Military vehicle of Serbia
-Voz= Voz JŽTP
-Copcarsf= Zastava 101 Police
-Copcarru= Mercedes Benz ML55 Police
-Copcarla= VW Golf II Police
-Copcarvg= VW Golf IV Police
-HPV1000= BMW Motor Police
-Changed Tank
-Changed Military aircraft
-Changed Military Helicopter
-Changed S.W.A.T vehicle

IMPORTANT: IF YOU HAVE SAVED GAME BEFORE INSTALLING THE MOD, GAME WILL CRASH, YOU WILL HAVE TO START NEW GAME.What we didn't mention in Summary about features will receive DETAILED Explanation here.- New Registration Plates
We wanted to change the registration plates from all cars to the registration plates showing some towns in Serbia. For example, in imagaes you can see Mercedes SL500 with licence or registration plates with NS - Novi Sad, town located in Vojvodina, northen Administrative Province of Serbia. We wanted to rework all cars, but in hurry to release this ASAP, some cars licence plates have been left out or forgotten. In patch we are working to fix this.- New Cars
Really, the reason why we all came together to create this mod is to create modern vehicles in a 1992. Game, but wish for better looking cars turned into all-out modification for GTA SA.- New billboards and City Transport
We wanted to correct constant error of many life-simulating games like, GTA, Prototype, Saints Row, NO CITY TRANSPORT. Yup, you read that correctly, we have added city transport in the game. About billboards, well, they are just (un)neccesary detail.- Changed Vending Machines and Locations
Well, to be honest, only thing changed on Vending Machines is their look, i mean, their texture. For Locations, well its not the same, we have decided to enable entrance to some of the buildings.(We don't want to discover them, its up to you :))- Factories,Police Station, Military Station, Hospital, Firefighter Station
We are checking out possibilities of players entering there, but this is only a CONSIDERATION. If you are able to enter one of these buildings, its probably a bug, but its not serious, you will be able to get out. Its not serious game error. SUPPORTED OPERATING SYSTEMS
Windows - Both 64bit and 32bit
Mac - Supported
Linux - Supported
Supported for Windows? Simple, every game is supported for windows, for mods also, its a simple rule.
Supported for Mac? Yes, one guy, made this mod compatible with Mac.
Supported for Linux? Yes, we asked the same guy to do the same for Linux. :)

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