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New story mission developed with a very large number of scenarios Unique storyline without ZeroHour base and rework

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Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour Data - folder add to docs

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In the game, we launch a single battle mode and switch to the section of unofficial maps.
There you will find a new mission FrontPolka1.

Release date 07/19/2022

Main tasks.
1. Destroy 5 medics.
2. Destroy the toxin plant. Be careful not to start hitting the tank cars too early, they affect the leakage of radiation. If you destroy them before completing the first task, the bot can behave even more aggressively.
3. Send a limousine to the site of the destroyed toxin plant.

Follow these rules and pass this mission will be easier! Successful battles generals.

Description: The Chinese base is surrounded by US Abrams and MRLS, at the beginning of the game, a nuclear missile is launched to repel the enemy. There is very little health at the main base of China, it is necessary to complete tasks and follow notifications with hints in order to avoid many mistakes that can lead to very difficult situations. Dozens of combinations of bot behavior are laid down, with an analysis of your actions, even if you saw somewhere how this mission goes, your passage can be very different in terms of plot.

Added rescue and help modes for beginners, the bot will determine whether you need support or not. With the US Army, another Toxin GLA will act against you, according to the plot, at the beginning you need to destroy 5 medical workers, then you need to destroy the Chemical Factory. She has very strong armor, which can decrease when oil tanks are destroyed. In the 3rd task, a limousine with a diplomatic group will arrive at your base, it should be covered and taken to the site of the destroyed chemical factory.

When trying to start a saved battle, after exiting the game, the speed will automatically level off and will not go off scale. If you save but try to go differently from some place, you can also be attacked in a different way, not the fact that you can save yourself in a more favorable situation for you. Sometimes it's better to start from the beginning. There are many countermeasure algorithms. The work of Jarmen Kell is made according to interesting algorithms, we hope it will surprise you. We will not talk about all the details of the bot's behavior, this is the point for the player to get into different situations.

Update 2,3:

Strengthened the defense of the bot at the base and added a couple of attacks of surprises. Additional blows to the economy, now the bot will be able to reconnoiter your hackers and hack, universal protection in which the bot will be able to cover itself and return a certain part of the troops back + restore protection waves. A part of the troops has been formed, which is solely responsible for the base of the bot, fixed on different parts of the map.

The selection of sector protection is made according to this type, for example, you occupied one part of the map, and special conditions for attacking you may begin in another, it will depend on your actions, there are many combinations of various types. Replays may not always go the same, so get ready. It is quite difficult to study the sequence of what happens because of what. Because the conditions and time are laid with a delay, so that the player does not understand why the bot went on the attack so hard or vice versa, why he weakly began to attack.

Added the ability to receive resistance also from General BOSS. Depends on the actions of the player, how far the bot can go. Possibilities are laid to build the 3rd BOSS main base, the bot will be able to start building tanks, aircraft and surround the player with defensive buildings, building it up and gradually clamping it down. Added a Terminator strike, with a bot base cover exit mode, short-term advance and return to positions to ensure the safety of the BOSS base. After a certain period of time, the aggressiveness of the terminators will change and it will become dangerous to approach them. When the player approaches, they will be able to go on the attack. Added sound talkers and laughter. Now, more than ever, destroyer artillery will be in demand in order to smash defenses from afar without loss.

This mission was paid and was not open to the public for several months. Now she is free.

You can support the author for further developments at the link.


Radu273 - - 1,480 comments

wow, thanks!

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Tesaet - - 1 comments

it's not easy to pass, but I was able to do it, the most difficult bot I've ever met

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