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I really wish I could post some vids of the program here because its so cool; I just really hope ya'll come try it out from our discord server or at least look at some of our social media sites to get an idea of what Friktal is. Hope you enjoy the program! Let me know what you think of it, excited to get some feedback.

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Friktal is a 3D Virtual Reality music visualizer that is live interactive with audio input.
Watch YOUR music come to life and take direct gamepad control of a fractal universe spawned into existence from the morphing beats of your music. Explore the creation in real-time... go where you want... pause the world at any time.. fast-forward and rewind the creation. Friktal is something new.... you have seem plenty of trippy videos, audio visualizers, etc... but you haven't seen it in VR with realtime control over the world :) Please subscribe and support the project:

Want to BETA TEST? Please join us on Discord at:
Want to check out more information on the project?
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