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This is a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for SWBF2: The Clone Wars mod.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will this mod be released?

A: I don't know anymore than you. When I deem it's ready for a public release.

Q: Can you teach me how to mod?

A: Am I capable of doing so, technically. But I'm afraid I don't have the time. Learn like I did.

Q: Why is the mod taking so long to finish?

A: Take your pick. My poor health, my laziness, procrastination (I play a lot of War Thunder and watch a lot of shows), loss of hard drives (plural), a dying CPU, a dying motherboard, my family, life in general, and last but certainly not least my novel that I've been working on the past year.

Q: What is this mod focusing on recreating?

A: Seasons 1, 2, and 3 of The Clone Wars series.

Q: What is required to run this mod?

A: A copy of Star Wars Battlefront II, and a computer preferably less than 5 years old.

Q: Will this mod support multiplayer?

A: No. It's just not worth it. The online community is dead. For our other mod, Mass Effect: Unification, we even bought a server for it for months. Barely anyone used it, so we were wasting money.

Q: What are the factions?

A: Currently the factions are the Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Death Watch will be added in the coming months. More might show up later.

Q: What modes will be available?

A: Conquest on all applicable stock maps, along with a couple stock maps with some form of Hunt or Wave mode with Delta Squad (EDIT: Not until R2).

Q: What republic legions will be in the mod?

A: On release, The Coruscant Guard (Shock Troopers), 41st Elite Corps, 104th Battalion (Wolfpack), 212th Attack Battalion, The 501st, and Kota's Militia.

Q: Why aren't you including my favorite clones?

A: Because I can't include them all.

Q: What heroes will you have?

A: On release, heroes will not be included. However later, they will be added. Current planned list includes; Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano, Obi-wan Kenobi, Aayla Secura, Yoda, Plo-koon, Bultar Swan, Rahm Kota, Falon Grey, Luminari Unduli, Barriss Offee, Captain Rex, ARC Trooper Echo, Commander Cody, Commander Bly, Commander Fox, Commander Wolffe, Count Dooku, Assaj Ventress, Cad Bane, Pre Vizla, General Greivous, EG-5 Jedi Hunter, Bossk, Aurra Sing, and a couple heroes of my own creation (no more than 4 on its initial release).

Q: Why are you adding a few non-canon fan-made characters, but not [insert your favorite canon character]?

A: Because usually if I add a character it's to balance out some niche that isn't being filled otherwise.

Q: Why aren't you making The Clone Wars mod that I specifically want?

A: Because quite frankly, this mod isn't being made specifically for you. It's being made by me, for me. If others happen to enjoy it, fantastic. If not, it's no skin off my bones. It's a free product that I'm making on my own time, I can do whatever I want with it. Feel free to hate me for not making the mod you wanted down to a specific margin. I've been hated for less. ¯\(ツ)/¯

Q: Will the teams be random, or specified per map?

A: Random, with some teams being more likely to show up on some maps than others (Coruscant guard will likely only show up on, you guessed it, Coruscant).

Q: Will you add [blah-blah] from [blah-blah]?

A: If the thing in question is not from 2008-2011, probably not. If it is, I likely want to add it, but likely will be unable to thanks to my current small dev team.

Q: Will you add Darth Maul, phase II clones, Savage Oppress, [seasons 4-6 content]?

A: No. I don't have the time.

Q: How many people are currently working on this mod?

A: Three. Solid James, Marth, and AQT.

Q: What are the classes?

A: Page on classes is pending.

Q: Will there be new maps?

A: Maybe. Do not expect it in an initial release.

Q: Will there be a campaign?

A: No, I don't have the time and resources.

Q: Will there be a Custom Galactic Conquest?

A: Possibly.


One of the best FAQs ever kind of reminds me of Apollo Down's descriptions on his mods. Their quite funny maybe you should check one out:

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SolidJames Author

No kidding, that's fantastic.

Reply Good karma+6 votes

I swear I'm reading a Cracked article.

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Niner Skirata
Niner Skirata

It surprises me that there won't be PII clones but ok

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"Seasons 1, 2 and 3" YES!!! Season 3!!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

And Kota's Militia (screw those teen pseudo-rebels)!!! This couldn't be better. Worth of waiting for.

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here's a frequent one i think>

will the maps have pre-made sides - as in special sides for each map
(for example corrusant guard on corrusant map-jedi temple, death watch on a certain map ect) or will the sides be random every time you restart the map like in the dark times mod?

(insert trivial suggestion) > I assume heroes will come much much later (if ever) so can we get a "lesser hero" units that are unlockable via points like real heroes, but have classic unit hp.
By these meaning units that are too rare to see in mass battles, like IG-line assasin droids, magna guards, that super looking ultra droideka you have an img of here, them fancy custom clones of yours ect.

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SolidJames Author

>will the maps have pre-made sides

Yes and no. Legions will be randomized, however certain legions will only be able to be seen on certain maps, and some legions will be more likely to be seen than other. Like, as you said, Coruscant guard is the most likely to be seen on the Jedi Temple map.

>"lesser hero" units that are unlockable via points

I used to do that. The short version is it didn't work that well.

The long version is that the player had access to these really powerful units all the time. Heroes give players a limited time frame to use an OP unit, but as soon as one of these point unlockable hero units was available they had infinite use. The regular classes became redundant, and power creep became a massive issue.

My current plan is to make normal classes all relatively equal in power/ability, so that you're not forced to use a specific class in order to win a match.

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thnx for answering
but how do they get infinite use if they are heroes?
can you even have more than one hero unit selectable via F1?
anyway that makes sense actually, but that ultra droideka hero :D

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SolidJames Author

You can't have more than one hero. Which hero you get is randomly selected among the possible pool of heroes that team has (as an example the 501st gets Rex, Anakin, and Ahsoka).

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lol. Too bad he has to take over the other mods for the college grads, hope fully he'll find more time to work on this. I would love to help Wulfman if knew how to mod.

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Will console commands be avaible/enabled with he v1.3 patch? I like to do free cam and other things to make videos/machinimas. It would be a shame if I couldn't do those things for ease of media creation. In recent mods, the authors have taken those options away and it makes that kind of work near impossible since I cant set unlimited time, god mode amoung other things to make videos easier.

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SolidJames Author

Mass Effect Unification didn't disable freecam or fakeconsole, neither will The Clone Wars or any other project we do.

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