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A list of the game features that you will find in Emperor Chronicles Mod

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The new features present in the mod are:-
* New team Imperial mercenaries
- A new team which is one of the strongest teams in the history of the universe. Loyal to their masters the House Corrino.
- They replace the house ordos who are not present in the mod missions.
* New music
- A way to show a new journey it's best to put in new music.
* New units
- Says hello to some new people you'll be seeing in the mod.
-Flame Trooper
-Light Sardaukar
-Flame Tank
-Harbinger Tank
-Sniper Fremen
* New Buildings
- New construction which surpasses the use of the old unused buildings in the old game.
- Ion Cannon
- Sardaukar Academy
- Flame Turret
* New Missions
- Take on a new journey which will take you back to arrakis.
- Play as Atriedes, Sardaukar & the new house Imperial Mercenaries across Araakian Desert on a plan of destruction and betrayal.

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