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The main features of our first release new additions are coming !!!

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New Scenerios:

We plan to add several scenerios
according to our tech time line and important events of history.The planned
scenerios are 1780 1890 1911(modified version of defult 1914) 1936 (modified
version of defult) 1945 and 1989.With these scenerios players can play very
long games between and chance the course of history as they wish.Also all of
these scenerios will be suppoorted by historical events.

New Oil Exploration Tech and Events

While Oil was important in WW2 it really did not start to become a
dominant economic and energy source until after the war, when it began to
increase exponentially in quantity and importance. Provinces now have oil
reserves to 2006 levels. Oil Exploration tech allows for a portion of those reserves
to be 'discovered' and put into production. As the tech level increases the
proportion of discovered reserves increases. I think this will have a huge
impact on the game.

Resources events

Compendium Style Resources have been extended to 2006

IC and Production

IC is based upon GDP adjusted for inflation to 1990 levels and then
listed in 1939 value.

This allows for economic growth and unit costs over a 65 year period on
one economic scale.

In 1936 production will seem to be inexpensive and take longer.

Enjoy it while you can as advanced technology will drive up the IC


Model files are fully filled out.

There are icons and pics for the majors and some minors.

There will be more nation pics and icons, along with event and tech pics
done to match 1.3. Updates will be coming in the next few weeks.

Full Tech Tree 1790-1999

All tech and Model trees are maxed out.

There are lot of new techs.

Destroyers and Frigates - there are 22 Destroyer models. Even numbered
models are Destroyers, odd numbered are Frigates. They have separate Tech

Naval Patrol Aircraft

Naval bombers and ASW and Recon - 20 models.

MTB's/Fast Attack Craft

Land and Naval Minefields

300+ CAGs Nation Specific

Modern Diesel and Nuclear Submarines

Radars - From Home Chain Radar to Modern Arrays, powerful and influences
many other Tech.

Machine Tools and Computers now are required for most tech advances.

ie a 1960 Jet will require 1960 machine tools and 1960 computers. (
higher machine tolerances for complex machines computer aided design, limited
computer operation and controls etc.)


Missile Tech Tree and Missile Attachment Tech Trees

Attack and Transport Helicopter Brigades

Modern Air Land and Naval Combat Doctrines

Modern Transports

Assault Giuns

AC Gunships

Unmanned Aircraft

Point AA and Manpads


Nuclear Power Plants

Chem and Bio War

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