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A list of the new features in XI in Latin (Bannerlord Mod)

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FEATURES XI in Latin in 1050, 10 Years before Bannerlord...

-Regulations (Soldiers, Knights, Lords)

- Bigger Battlefields

- Trade Ledgers

- Join any side on the battlefield

- Formations And Battle Tactics

- Freelancer Mod

- Diplomacy Mod

- 20 completely new NPCs (new Story, new faces, new equipment)

- New Bandits(Robber Knights, Slavehunters)

- People sat down in taverns/Also bards playing in taverns to.

- New map icons(towns, castles and parties)

- 8 new Factions (New Lords, new Banners)

- 24 new cities, few of which have managed to survive until the year 1257 ...

- New Sounds

- Translations (German)

- Autumn landscape

- New Loadscreens, New Menus...

- New custom battlemaps (huge Forest, Rhodok Highlands, Desert coast)

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