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So by the next BBQ release, what will be in the pack?

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Here's what the next BBQ will be made of:

- 49 original C2 cars +4 new ones (Rising Sun, Monster Citro├źn, Fraud Broko and Eagle MK3 beta)
- 7 netgame modes
- Up to 6 players
- 11 original C2 arenas +7 news ones (Cactus, Blunderdome, TDR Arena, Round Hell, Old Sumo, TDR Stunt Park, Silo Area 4)
- 10 original C2 races +1 new one (Mayan Mayhem)
- Tweaked original C2 ressources (gfx, gameplay, bugs)
- An external multiplayer car changer (C2 used to randomly assign cars)
- New executable with quick and easy menus
- Compatible glide wrappers will be included as well as ENB Series
- Ability to play over LAN, vLAN and over the Internet
- Easily create master servers on your LAN or Internet

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