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Changes that will be included in v1.0. Note that this mod is not mod-foldered for now. You will need to do a backup of your original data.

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Features included:

  • Numidia renamed Nabataea and Greek-Cities are now Pergamon, each with the correct starting position on the map.
  • Rebel Settlements on the campaign map maxed out on garrisons to slow down early expansion.
  • New names for provinces, towns and rebel factions.
  • Minor balance changes on unit stats
  • Spartans no longer recruitable for Pergamon
  • Original vanilla graphics not even scratched. The feel is the same.
  • Renamed a lot of units.
  • Town Watch and Gladiators no longer recruitable by romans.
  • Marian reforms and old polybian units eliminated. It always bothered me seeing unretrainable principes and hastati in the late game. Now the Roman roster is a mix of the pre and post marian roster.
  • Early legionaries nerfed to keep the balance acceptable at the start.
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