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- Hunter health increased
- Painkillers restore less health
- Gun mechanics will be less forgiving (you carry less ammo, guns do more damage to you)
- Stamina decreased
- Hunter Stamina increased
- Hunter Sprint Speed increased
- Weapons will be hidden
- More to come!

Updates/Update Features
Feature Update
One feature of this mod is hidden weapons, that requires Hex editing...
And sadly to say, I don't know the first thing about Hex editing, I read tutorials,
and I can't get the hang of it. That's why I need help with this. If ANYONE
out there knows how to edit weapon spawns and add weapons with hex editor,
PM if you want to. I just need the Hex editing done, changing weapon spawns, and adding
weapon spawns is ALL I need. It's too complex for me. I just ask anyone who has skill
with Hex editing, please PM me, and I'll tell you the rest.

Extras Update
Well, I have officially found someone with Hex editing skills, and we are currently contemplating
mod features. Now, as I said, weapons will be HIDDEN. Which means you need to look everywhere,
and destroy things for weapons. Also, we will TRY to hide and remove environmental executions
(like the telephone in Bees' Honey Pot). But one new feature was added - The Honey Pot restoration.
Thanks to 41hc1 on this one, with his game.gxt edit, he changed the level name to "The Honey Pot," and
I changed the neon sign to "The Honey Pot." So the old level will feature in this mod (not the old level content
though). As for other mod details, I'm thinking about extras for the mod, like a little contest for a bonus pack,
or somethin' like that. The contest is that the first 10 people who PM me with a good summary of the mod
will get a pack of extras that they can install into the mod, albeit, this is still in discussion. But ever since the
modding breakthrough with the help of Majestic, modding was made much easier. And is 41hc1 allows me,
I might put his Playable Character pack in with the extras! Stay tuned for more updates!

Another Feature Update!
Since I'm back to work, I've been thinking about some features that'll make the game HARDER. Those include:
-Interactive execution prompts will be removed
-Interactive executions will be forced on
-HUD will be removed
-No health pickups, or very little
-puzzles to solve
Some of these features are still in planning. Some are in progress and one is done.


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