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All the cool stuff you will encounter in Freeworlds:ToW

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  • Join the New Republic, Galactic Empire, Corellians, Hutt Cartel, Pirates and more
  • Multi-player Scripted Missions
  • Fast-paced and dynamic gameplay
  • Multiple Role Vessels
  • Precision Bombing
  • A potential for 100 players online at any given time
  • Improved Artificial Intelligence of the Non-Playable Characters


  • 23 canon systems from Hoth to Calamari and Bastion
  • Massive systems never seen in the likes of the Freelancer Engine
  • Epic sized stations like the Kuat Planetary Ring or Mon Calamari Ship Ring
  • Improved scale of planetary bodies
  • Custom Bases


  • 104 player flyable craft
  • Canon size
  • Canon equipment and loadouts
  • Unique X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter inspired game physics
  • Custom Hitboxes
  • Flyable Capital Class Craft
  • Dockable player controlled carriers
  • Unique ship hyperspace jumping


  • Over 1000 unique trade runs
  • Material inspired economy eg. X of metal A + Y of material B + Z amount of credits = product
  • Forum controlled bank
  • Dynamic Economy
  • Forum integrated economy graphs, to allow you know what product is worth the most


  • DirectX 9 integration
  • Bump mapping
  • Shadowing
  • Brand new explosion and hull hit effects
  • New laser effects
  • Brand new sound effects
  • New graphic user interface


  • Heavy role play emphasis
  • Friendly
  • Active Development Team
  • Respect for all players is a fundamental rule

Really nice mod. When you get farther you should ask microsoft for a standalone license, because this is not freelancer any more, its at totally different game!

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I agree with that but you will need to ask lucasarts as well tho :(

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They would have to pay loadshit of money to get a standalone license and I think LucasArts won't agree with that.

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What is the releasedate of this MOD ?

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Late 2010 or early 2011

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I can't wait that long Sushi. :) What if I die before then? :))

I might miss out the best rendition of SW there ever was. :D

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This game looks AWESOME, truly! 10/10 best Star Wars mod ever.

"A potential for 100 players online at any given time"

I think there will be a lot more people who would like to play this game.

(shadowfullcamo tips his hat) I am amazed by your work.

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