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The last few days I have been working on adding a farming system. You collect seeds through various ways and grow crops which yield more seeds and food!

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Ashore Farming Update

Hello all. This is my first post here. I'm the developer of a survival game called Ashore. I have started working on this game a few months ago and am planning on documenting the process on this forum.

Today I would like to show you the farming system which I have been working on for the past few days. You start with collecting seeds by sweeping through grass and bushes.

First you have to place down a garden bed which can be found in the build menu. Note that the interface is not finished and is merely a placeholder.

Screenshot 8

Screenshot 9

When you have collected some seeds you can start planting them by selecting the crop you'd like to plant in the build menu.

A garden bed has 18 spots which you can use to plant different seeds. As of right now there are only cabbage seeds, however there will be more in future updates.

Screenshot 10Screenshot 11

When fully grown, crops can be harvested and will yield a few of their seeds and some form of consumable, which can be eaten or used for cooking! But more on that in a future post. See you soon!

By the way, if you'd like to see more and interact with me and the community, make sure to join the discord by clicking here!

Have a great day!


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