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Learn how to properly use Faramir's fear-inducing Wounding Arrow when there aren't single targets in your vicinity.

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This week, we will talk about Faramir's Wounding Arrow and its relevance in v7.0.0.

Perhaps one of the more underappreciated abilities, Faramir's Wounding Arrow deals specialised damage vs. most kinds of Monsters, as well as cause fear to them. Alternatively, it may be used against heroes and flying units as a high damage dealer.

Unfortunately, even with its somewhat decent damage potential, Wounding Arrow was considered too situational and sometimes underpowered to be of much use on a general scale.

Patch 2.02 v7.0.0 has addressed this issue by introducing two new buffs to the special ability, significantly changing the way it can be used in-game, namely:

  • The extension of fear to basic units such as infantry and cavalry.
  • Reduction of the recharge time to 45s (from 60).

Players may target Wounding Arrow at unit battalions which will cause them to flee for several seconds. The great thing about this is that adjacent battalions are affected too, depending on their proximity to the targeted battalion.

This is a game-changing buff for Faramir as it strengthens his role in the Men of the West army, especially given the fact that his Wounding Arrow ability can be used defensively (to drive away harassers) and offensively to split armies apart to gain an upper edge in a battle. You may even use the special ability to buy time to flee precarious situations.

Defensive Situation


Offensive Situation


Retreat Situation


With a new use for Wounding Arrow and quicker access to it, Faramir will surely become an important role player in Men of the West match-ups.

What do you think of the new potential of Wounding Arrow, and do you have any other suggestions as to how it may be used effectively?


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