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Question: My game wont start, i got an error after Installing the mod.

Answer: seems like you havent installed the mod correctly , sometimes it happens that the Installer takes the path of the last Installation of GSM (f.e: GSM Burning Steel) and shows up the Burning Steel 3 Installation path to install a newer Version into that, but that ain't work, you have to adjust the correct path before installing then, just read the Installation notes (they show up when you execute the installer) carefully, then it should run ok. The mod name is always the same as the Folder name for the mod, otherwise it won't work properly.


Question: whats the Special Ammo used for ?

Answer: there are 3 kinds of new Ammo included in this mod called APCR , APDS and HEAT .

APCR (Armor Piercing Composit Rigid) consists of a small sub-caliber projectile (its diameter is smaller than the barrell diameter its been shot from) made of an hard material like tungsten or very hard Steel. this shot is filled in a Pakage of very light Material and has no explosive Filler like many normal AP or APCBC Rounds.Cause this Composit Shot is very light it weight it has a higher Speed when leaving the barrel compared to other Ammunition Types. If the Ammunition hits the Target, the light mantlet Material will be barked of the hard core and only the core will provide Penetration to the Target.The High Speed gives APCR a better Penetration Power on smaller Ranges but it looses its Power very quick so its not very handy when fighting on longer Ranges cause its maybe even worse than normal Rounds and its less accurate than normal AP Rounds due its lighter weight.Its even not that good in killing a Tank finally cause it lacks of an explosive Filler. The Tank breaks down relative good but its mostly not wrecked after a hit.APCR was used by nearly all Warnations (even the British used small Stocks of APCR). the Germans had Problems after 1943 cause they were cut off the Supplys with Tungsten which was also need for production Tools.

APDS (Armor Piercing Discarding Sabot) is sub-caliber Projectile (its diameter is smaller than the barrell diameter its been shot from) which has no fixed mantlet be embedded it like APCR Shots. it has Mantlet consisting of 2 Part that only help to fix the Shell in the Barrel and fills the Space around the Shell.Theese 2 Parts are discarded in flight after firing when leaving the Barrel , leaving the small Subcaliber Shot flying alone to the Target and do the Penetration Job.That give the Projectile a very good Speed and good Balistic Behavior and very good Penetration Values, even over great Distances. Its Negative Spread over Distance and its low destroying capabilities are byproduct of the small size of the Shot. only British troops used this Type of Shell , the Germans had some expiriments to the end of the War but no Results in greater Ammounts to be delivered to the Troops. British APDS Rounds had the Problem of scattering on the Target when hitting in low impact Angles, sometimes even on less than 1000m where they expirienced better Penetration behavior with the normal APCBC or APC Rounds.APDS Rounds where delivered from 1944 on in greater Numbers to the British Troops, they where used in the 6 and 17pdr. Guns mostly.

HEAT (High Explosive Anti Tank) Sometimes called a hollow charge projectile. The explosive is shaped as an inverted cone with the base of the cone at the front of the projectile. At detonation the shape focuses the explosive creating a narrow, high speed jet of plasma which penetrates the armour. The penetration capability of a HEAT projectile is the same regardless of range.HEAT Projectiles where used by nearly all Nations trough the War, Germany was forced to used them on the Eastern Front excessivly cause it was the best Ammunition for the Short Barrelled Pz IV Variants to fight against the Russian KV and T34 Variants.HEAT has the Great Disadvantage that is shape is very bulky and it has a very bad aerodynamic shape so it has a great Spread even on smaller Ranges than normal AP Ammuntion , cause it never looses its Penetration Capability over the Range its good for Killing Tanks on longer Ranges, even when you have to shoot several Rounds on the Target. The Penetration Power of an HEAT Shell is not determined by its Speed , the most important Part is the Diameter of the Rounds, the bigger the better. Most 75mm HEAT Shells have ~70mm Penetration Power, 88-105mm Shells have ~90-130mm and 122mm Shells have arounds 150mm. Heat has the Big Advantage that it brings much heat into the Hull where the Shell hits which causes fire or leads to the explosion of the Ammunition.

for more Information about Ammuntion and Penetration view : Link!

i made a small overview about the penetration Data used in GSM : Link!


Hi guys. This mod appears to be awesome. But if I play for USSR on multilayer game crashes.
The report says:
File not found - resource/interface/scene/unit_icon/is2_44_00.tga

So is it my fault. Or its the mod and/or how to fix it?

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This problem has been solved in 6.1 version, v.6.0 missed few IS icons (I cloned Hanomag icons and renamed them x) )

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