Please read this article before asking or suggesting something for this mod.

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Please read this article before asking or suggesting something for this mod.


01. When is the release date?
Planned around later summer. But mod development depends not on single developer’s work so it can be finished later. WE PREFER QUALITY OVER QUANTITY. Gunlist reflects development progress as well.

02. Do I need strong hardware to run mod?
Basically YES. If you cannot get stable 60 fps on high settings, you will get even LESS with the mod. 1,5GB video card + 4GB RAM is strongly recommended.

03. My computer isn’t/won’t be able to run the mod and but I want to play it.
There’s going to be non-HD option for low-end pc users. It will allow to use overhauled weapons and sounds without any new textures.

04. Potential CRASHING with HD textures
BF2142 engine isn’t strong and wasn’t supposed to run heavy content. RM mod is pretty much walking on the edge of the engine limits. Everything beyond 2GB vram will crash. Mod is designed between performance and quality to ensure best visuals and best performance.

Playing mod on 4K resolution will work fine for two-three different map loads.

Playing on 1080p will work for five-ten different map loads.

Playing on smaller resolution will ensure even better stability.

05. What’s the deal with offline unlocks and customization?
There already exists multiplayer–like kits customization system which have less option then traditional (vanilla) one. But it works and BOTs just love it! It comes up with 3 primary weapons per kit, one gadget and one squad leader unlock.

06. Are you going to re-animate every single weapon/item?
It’s planned to make new animations for all the vanilla BF2142 weapons and items. Do not ask for prone animations for first release or anytime soon, but we would like to add it as well.

07. Are you going to add new vehicles or overhaul existing ones like redoing 1p cockpits? Not likely. But some minimal improvements would be great.

08. What kind of new content is going to be added?
There are going to be few new weapons: Ares Predator and Magnum TR sidearms, heavy MKS sniper rifle, Vostok carbine and heavy PAC machinegun. (Some of them might not come with the first release) They’ll be implemented into game without breaking immersion and gameplay. New weapons might won’t come to MULTIPLAYER option in order to keep vanilla-like gameplay and atmosphere. (But it depends a lot of community’s wishes). In addition there will be two new first person hand models (for EU and PAC).

09. There’s going to be MULTIPLAYER?
Yes, MP version is planned (as separate mod/file). It’s likely that it’ll be non-HD version (or "less HD") which includes overhauled weapons and sounds with new 1p player models. All kits will be vanilla-like.

10. How to add more/less bots?
Find separate tutorials on MODDB or BFSP. The ones for BF2 works on BF2142.

11. Hardcore option. We love hardcore.
It depends on community’s wishes. If a lot of people want hardcore version of mod, there will be made one. Bots will become your biggest nightmare on 64 player mode now and you will end up with negative KDr quite often.

12. Can I lower the settings while HD textures are turned on? Of course! HD textures would work/look good even on medium/low settings. Mod won't force you to play on max settings. At worst case any HD textures can be disabled manually.

13. My weapon icons are blurred out. This is an issue which appears then game is launched in windowed mode. On full screen all updated HUD elements such as weapon icons should work properly. However this is considered as a minor issue as it do not cause engine instability or breaks the gameplay.

Warnings and important information

01. Customization screen does not work. Make sure that you're connected to the Internet and use your on-line account in order to access the customization screen.

02. Nvidia graphical modifiers while using HD textures makes game very unstable and likely to crash. (Things like vertical sync, additional texture filtering). Best way is to keep everything "application controlled".

X. Mod collects money on Where it is used?
To buy high quality assets are hard to make by developers themselves. That saves a lot of time. For example magnum TR, MKS, 1p hand models were bought.

XX. I want to support developers.
You can check page or support us via Paypal.


Wow, it's close !!! The sooner the better !!!

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