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Questions and answers regarding the mod and it's features.

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Q) 18th century uniforms and tricorn hats mixed with medieval armors and weapons? What kind of horror is this?
A) The mod asthetics are very much inspired from the various Innistrad sets from the Magic: the Gathering franchise, where humans look pretty much like that. Don't think too much about historical accuracy, this is a fantasy mod after all.

Q) Why is this a beta?
A) Because not everything i wanted to include is in. The campaign should be fully playable, but some things are still very much work in progress and will be completed in future updates. Balance is also in need of a lot of tweaking as well as stability.

Q) Are there any custom quests or any another similar features?
A) At the moment there are three quests, 2 avaible trough speaking to the cleric in devilthorn lodge, north-east of the map, and the other one avaible trough the discovery of an hidden location. Previous private version had more quests but for now they have been removed for polishing. So expect an update in the coming months to add them back.

Q) Is the "magic" just glowing throwing items?
A) Mostly yes, tough some have special effects; some vampire spells restore hp, many summon creatures and fire balls do Aoe damage. (Note: NPCs have modified versions of the spells, with less summons and no hp restoration)

Q) How do I obtain these "magic" items?
A) You can buy them from various places: Holy spells from the wayshrine, vampiric and necromantic spells from the vampire tower. From here you can also hire spellcasters.

Q) In the troop trees I see troop "X" which I cannot seem to be able to recruit normally. How do I obtain them?
A) Most of the shown troops can be obtained one way or the other. Currently, only banner bearers and a few others cannot be recruited normally and must instead be rescued from prisoners.

Q) Can I join a minor faction?
A) Demon worshipers are joinable trough a small quest, undead will be passive if you play as a vampire or start as a ghoulcaller apprentice. The rest are hostile and not meant to be joined (tough you can help them in battle if you wish)

Q) Can I play as a zombie or a skeleton?
A) No, and not planned to.

Q) My undead always die.
A) Undead are set to always fall dead so if you are planning to use them a lot don't bother too much with medical skills. This however doesn't mean that such skills are useless for evil characters, as you can still assemble a decently sized human host trough vampire servants, demon worshipers, outlaws and necromancers.

Q) I chose a vampire but my character looks like a human.
A) Vampires (both male and females) aren't actually new races, but just skins. So just keep chaning skin until you find the vampire ones (4 for males, 2 for females)

Q) I play as a vampire and everyone hates me!
A) Vampires are not liked by the people of Vasnar so thread carefuly. At the beginning the only safe havens are the vampire holds and the coastline of Nelia, the only human faction neutral to your kin. Take however note that the many undead parties travelling around the place are allied to you. If instead you chose to start as a vampire outcast, then tough luck. Those are meant to be a sort of challenge mode.

Q) Is there freelancer?
A) Yes.

Q) Can you increase the battle size?
A) I prefer to keep it vanilla, but there is a tool called "Warband Battle Size Changer" that allows you to increase those numbers. However this might increase crashes so you use at your own risk.

Q) After a while of playing all my textures turn black!
A1) That is unfortunately a sign of warband's age and it's limited memory. I tried to do as much as possible to optimize but this problem is still pretty frequent. It should only happen after long battles and sieges, so my suggestion, is to immediately save after each of this events and restart the game. This should fix this untile the next big battle. (If you use cheats, using the search item function is almost guarantee to make this happen)
A2) Newer computers seem to suffer from this problem much more than older ones. I have noted that while my old potato pc from 2011 could run mods for hours without issue, my newer machine from last year has instead tons of issues with black textures every half an hour or so.

A3) Lowering texture resolution (even to half or lower), forcing single threading in the launcher and disabling ragdolls could help in reducing crashes.

Q) I found a bug!
A) Feel free to post it in the comments so I can take a look.

Q) "X" is op! "Y" is too weak!
A) The mod is in beta for a reason. You are guarantee to find weird stats and the like, so report them to me.

Q) I don't like the music!
A) I might release an addon to replace the music with natural ambience tracks. For now either disable it ingame or replace the files inside the mods music folder with tracks of your choosing.

Q) Hey, I have this cool idea, can I share it with you?
A) Be my guest. While I may not add it, i'll make sure to take a loot at all comments.

Q) Will you make a discord for the mod?
A) An unofficial discord server for both Vasnar and Struggle for the Iliac Bay has been made:

Q) Will you port the mod to steam?
A) I tried various times to port it to steam but each time I get an error and all the solutions I tried did not work. So, unless someone else wants to port it to steam, for the time being it will remain here.

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Can you start as a Human and become a Vampire?

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Ryndill_Blackfyre Author
Ryndill_Blackfyre - - 917 comments

Vampires here are more of an unique start option that makes you friendly with undead and the 2 vampire factions and hated by most human ones plus a couple more starting bonuses. As a human you cannot "turn" into a vampire but you can freely join the vampire factions and use their spell and items and even the vampire faces in the character creation. You just have to roleplay a bit and decide when your character is turned.

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Hi there I seen to have find a bug with the witches quest and holfman quest, after you defeat or win the riddles the cleric will talk to you but he just loop the dialogue that he say before to enter the witches cave on witch lair, so you end stuck on the text screen.

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BEMP1994 - - 3 comments

is fixed in the hotfix

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