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Summary of factions (subject to change over time)

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The Brotherhood of Darkness (Powerful/Evil)

  • Major evil faction, a coalition of Sith lords looking to conquer the known galaxy.
  • Leader: Lord Kaan
  • Capital: Korribam

The Army of Light (Powerful/Good)

  • Major good faction, an army of jedi volunteers fighting to stop the Sith.
  • Leader: Lord Hoth
  • Capital: Coruscant

The Hutt Cartel (Neutral/Evil)

  • A criminal organization of smuglers, slavers and pirates.
  • Leader: Gragger The Magnificent
  • Capital: Nal Hutta

The Alliance of Sovereign Planets (Neutral/Good)

  • A defensive alliance of worlds trying to suvirve the turbulent times.
  • Leader: Supreme General Kane
  • Capital: Onderon

The Keepers (Very weak/Good)

  • An order of jedi exiles guarding the ancient and devastated jedi temples of old.
  • Leader: Grand Keeper Trajan
  • Capital: Ossus

The Sentinels (Very weak/Evil)

  • An order of sith alchemists guarding the ancient sith sites of old.
  • Leader: Grand Sentinel Lynch
  • Capital: Yavin 4
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