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The features of one of the best fighter pilot games in the gaming world

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Fighter Ace is an aerial combat simulator set in WWII. Its principal feature, before talking about graphics, sounds, missions, etc, is that the game introduces the concepts of multiplayer and on-line gaming to aerial combat. This is normally seen in RPG, where large numbers of players connect and fight at the same time. You will fly and fight in the skies against hundreds of real pilots from all over the world!

Fighter Ace has well defined, realistic and colourful graphics full of detail. There are many different scenes. The sound is good and the game in general is friendly to play.

You not only have to shoot to the left and right and defeat your enemy, but you can also conquer territory and fly many different planes, from fighters to bombers and transporters, for example: Spitfire, P-51 Mustang, Messerschmitt 109, B-17, IL-2 Stormovik, or a Ju-87 Stuka.

P.S. This article talks about online gaming but that feature has sadly been cancled

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