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An extra feature on Grand theft Auto 1940s, which would be the adjustement of default GTA property and clothing prices to a 1940s accurate equivalent

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The ingame prices are basically corrections, an edition on the mod of the Original Grand theft Auto SA property and other itens prices to a more acurate 1940s equivalent, Earnable currency such as mission rewards and stunt rewards would also be edited: some prices such as food and vending machines might not be edited since I am not sure if it is possible to put below 1$ prices in GTA SA

Examples of such:

Jefferson safehouse original price: $10000/ Jefferson safehouse adjusted to 1945: $1282

Santa Maria Beach safehouse: $30000/ Santa Maria Beach safehouse adjusted to 1945: $3848

Mulholland Safehouse original: 120000/ Mulholland safehouse adjusted to 1945: $15395

Airport outside Los Santos original( And other general unique stunts ): $500/ airport stunt outside LA adjusted to 1945: $64

Since there is possibly no way of prices below $1 on GTA, Food prices would span from $1 to $4

Most expensive bet:
Original: $9990000

Adjusted: $1281682


Victim's/Vangel's Black beret original: $900/ Victim black beret ajusted to 1945: $115

Zip's/Dipton Apparel's Black Sun Hat original: $20/ Victim/Dipton Apparel black sun hat ajusted to 1945: $2

Didier Sachs Tuxedo original: $7000/Didier sachs Tuxedo adjusted to 1945: $898

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