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This article is round-up of changes to the mod since Beta 8.60 was released February 2017. Our contributors have kept up a steady stream of work, producing 10 new public alpha releases since then. If you've not been reading all the alpha change logs on this article will tell you what we've added, what bugs have been fixed, what we've tweaked to improve them and what chnages have been made to the balance of the game.

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This article is round-up of changes to the mod since Beta 8.60 was released February 2017. Our contributors have kept up a steady stream of work, producing 10 new public alpha releases since then.


  • New stained glass window textures and Chaos capture sound by DontAsk4470.
  • New FGD file for authoring IMP VS CSM maps and a CSM test map called tech_adpet_lab_861.
  • Added a chaos option to the team selection menu, chaos class selection and chaos team HUD.
  • New map ex_bunker, with Defence game-play and the Chaos team from WhitelightningTwister.
  • New player model for the Chaos Renegade class.
  • ex_dropzone entities now have a OnSpawn event that mappers can use to script behaviours when a player spawns in particular spot
  • New player model for the Aspiring Champion class.
  • New voice acting for all the chaos classes, including the Vox Communication menu. Recorded by Bulwark and edited by DontAsk
  • New "Saw Bones" chaos space marine class.
  • New Chaos weapons specialist player model.
  • New Havoc player model.
  • New IMP and CSM voice lines from Bulwark and DontAsk4470, including kill taunts for IMP VS NIDs.
  • New IMP and CSM voice lines from Bulwark and DontAsk4470, including medic heals and dreadnaught battlecries.
  • New Chaos Dreadnaught player model from contributor Clay_More (AKA Stahlhagel).
  • New audio cues for responses during healing. Voice acting by Buylwark, edited by DontAsk.
  • New audio cues for taunts after kills (IMP vs NID only). Voice acting by Buylwark, edited by DontAsk.
  • New Raptor player model, raptor head contributed by Wikyyd.
  • Added a new map entity ex_team_award. This will enable mappers to reward all players on a given team at once.
  • New Chaos prop from Clay_more, which can be seen on csm_thunderhawk.
  • New Khorne Standard prop from Clay_More.
  • New Tzeench Standard prop from Clay_More.
  • New Nurgle Standard prop from Clay_More.
  • New Slaanesh Standard prop from Clay_More.
  • New imperial generator prop from Clay_More.
  • New manual pages for the Chaos Legions (requires proof reading, for grammar, spelling and Chaos Lore).
  • New map ex_stronghold, a domination style, chaos fortification, with custom textures by DontAsk4470.

Bug Fixes

  • Specialists beware! Humans are no-longer invulnerable to flame.
  • ex_filter_team entities should now work correctly with the CSM team.
  • ex_capture_objective entities now correctly fire their OnChaosCapture event.
  • Ammo shrines should be working again now.
  • Chaos now win on csm_thunderhawk instead of Tyranids of the imperials don't escape in time.
  • Flamers should no longer damage their operators.
  • Flamers should no longer damage their team mates when friendly fire is turned off.
  • The Team selection menu should always show the teams for the current map.
  • The Chaos team's crosshair should "light up" when aimed at imperials and not when aiming at team mates.
  • Fixed an old bug with pausing and resuming map timers. This should enable mappers to create new and interesting maps.
  • Hey looks like Valve changed all the SteamIDs EX was using to identify players for their hero tags. Updated hero tag code to use the new format.
  • Fixed clay_more's broken hero tag.
  • Fixed a glitch in the IMP assault marine model.
  • Broadened the exit to the crash site on csm_thunderhawk so dreadnaughts can exit more easily.
  • Attempted to fix dreadnaughts and terminators being immune to melta weapons.
  • The apothecary/sawbones cannot hear their own healing voice acting.
  • The killer cannot hear their own kill taunts, but everyone else can.
  • Fixed a bug in the ex_capture_objective entities handling of it's Captured input.
  • Prevent imperials re-capping points on ex_bunker.
  • Prevent imperials damaging shield generators on ex_bunker.


  • Added support for hero tags on CSM classes.
  • Added bullet resistance to Power armour, Terminator armour and Dreadnaught armour, so they should all last longer in IMP VS CSM firefights.
  • Reworked the bunker area on csm_thunderhawk to create more playable space.
  • Added bump map and self-illumination to the apothecary's eqiupment.
  • Suppressed chapter specific battle cries (waiting on a time to update the appropriate chapter packs).
  • Suppressed the pain sound from falling.
  • Tweaked the veteran plasma pistol first person shoot animation.
  • Tweaked the vent system on csm_thunderhawk.
  • DontAsk4470 has laid the foundations for the next level of detail pass on the CSM textures by adding the same shiny shaders as used by the imperial team models.
  • DontAsk4470 created improved textures for the Sawbones helmet and pauldron.
  • Replaced most low-res, human, kill icons with scalable, font-based, kill icons.
  • Tweaked ex_bunker to make the 1st objective easier to capture and the 2nd objective harder.
  • Fixed translation issues on ex_bunker.
  • Added new chaos props to csm_thunderhawk.
  • Created a new MK III style helmet for the chaos weapons specialist.
  • Add a visual kickback effect to the BP combo consistent with the stand alone BP.
  • Gave WhiteLightningTwister a Hero tag for his contribution of ex_bunker.


  • Meltagun cost increased from 25 points to 50 points.
  • Buffed Terminator armour to make it more bullet resistant.
  • Nerfed Dreadnaught armour to make it less boltgun resistant.
  • Nerfed narcathium poison do the same damage as a chainsword hit.
  • Nerfed Apothecary healing aura to only health them 20% as mush as other players.
  • Nerfed missile launcher rate of fire from 1 second per shot to 1.5 seconds between shots.
  • Buffed Fex armour slightly.


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