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This is the roadmap for Evil Labs during Steam Early Access.

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This is how I plan to develop Evil Labs during Early Access:
(Warning! May contain spoilers)

1. New buildings (Genetics Lab, Necrotics Lab, TV Room, Adv. Factory, Accountants Office) + New researches
2. Character evolution system + New characters (Cientists) + New building (Science Closet) + New researches
3. New characters (Adv. Workers) + New building (Tools Cabinet) + New researches
4. New characters (Engineers) + New building (Project Room) + New researches
5. New buildings (Superior Bedroom, Cafeteria, Study Room, Ointments Factory) + New researches
6. New buildings (Robo Lab, Clone Lab, Nuclear Generator, Bandage Factory) + New researches
7. Events (diseases combinations) + Secrets + New researches
8. New buildings (Gym, Activities Room, Marketing Office) + New researches
9. Laboratory Sides Expansion + New building (Doctor's Office) + New researches
10. New buildings (Legal Office, Security Office) + New characters (Securities) + New researches
11. Government Threaten System + Laboratory Raid/Attack Systeam + New events
12. More secrets + New researches and buildings selected of the community ideas

Although plans may change (while not expected), I'll try to finish one of these steps per week. However, I know some may take more than a week because involve a lot of drawing and animation or a lot of programming. So I count with your patience.
Also, I may upgrade the game with some new stuff that I may found interesting in the middle of these steps.

If you guys have any doubts or ideas, just let me know ;)

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