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This is a List of planned weapons and vehicles for the CIS Faction, CIS Was previously known simply as Russia, until it was combined with several neighboring states to add a larger variety of military hardware, Namely Ukraine although having some Romanian and Belarusian appearances What lies below is a refined list of Weaponry and Equipment we plan to feature, but certain items may not make the final cut.

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Small Arms

RIFLES * See Notes*
- AK-74M *Standard Issue Rifle, 4 variants total, all with identical stats*
- AK-74M/GP30
- Vepr *Alternate Standard Issue rifle that serves alongside AK74M*
- AN-94 *Issued to Special Forces*
- AK-200 *Experimental Rifle, Given to Elite Russian Shock infantry, best described as a Kalashnikov on Steroids*
- AKM "Obsolete relic only used by CIS Recruits, regular Army are given AK-74Ms or Veprs"

CARBINES/SUBMACHINEGUNS *The CIS Favours light rifles over Submachineguns*
- AKS-74U *2 Visual variants, one for Vehicle crews, one for lighter infantry units like medics, identical stats*
- PP-19-01 Silenced

- PKP Pecheneg
- RPK-74M

- Dragunov SVU *Squad level DMR*
- Dragunov SVD *Offers faster firing rate than the SV98 at the expense of accuracy and damage*
- SV98 *Bolt action, Reliable and deadly*
- KVSK *12.7mm Monster rifle, Large Anti materiel rifle that can knock out light vehicles in a matter of shots*

- Saiga 12

- MP443 Grach

- RPG 7V2
- RPG 29 Vampir
- AT-14 Kornet


*all vehicles are listed strongest to weakest in their respective categories*
Due to the large number of vehicles, a short description is added to try to explain what it is, and what makes it different from the others

Please keep in mind that we may give vehicles features or specializations that they dont posess in reality, this is to give more balance or variety among what we have.

Heavy Tanks

- T-90U "Russia's heaviest tank, Extensivley Modernized and upgraded to rival or even surpass European vehicles, Very costly but in most cases worth the price paid"
- T-90A "The CIS' Standard Battle Tank, High Mobility, Protection and Firepower, Second only to it's heavier armed and armoured cousin the T-90U
- T-84 Oplot "Mid Class heavy tank from Ukraine, Above Average on all accounts for a heavy tank, serves alongside the T-90 MSA and can hold it's own"

Medium Tanks
- T-80U "The CIS' Most modern and powerful medium MBT, in almost all accounts can be considered a Heavy MBT. Good Armor and Firepower, Average Mobility
- T-72B "A Dime a Dozen by Russian Standards, average capabilities for a vehicle of it's class, Although Boasts a stronger gun than most
- T-64BV "Offensive Variant of the T-64, Posseses Good Armor, Above Average Firepower and High Mobility
- T-64BM Bulat "Defensive Variant of the T-64, Possessing Stronger armor, increased range yet less firepower, and equal mobility, the body of this Ukranian modified T-64 Is also Squat and can be difficult to hit"
- TR-85M1 "Romanian Tank with T-55 Origins, Below Average Armor, High Mobility and Moderate Firepower, Excells at engaging softer targets such as IFVs, Not Effective in Tank on Tank combat
- T-62MD "By all accounts an obsolete relic even in its upgraded form, Can be used to bolster groups of T-55s due to it's low cost, but should only be used as a last resort*

Light Tanks
- Sprut-SD *Dedicated Tank Destroyer, Small frame , light armor but a deadly gun, should be hidden well"
- T-55A *Technically a Medium MBT, Classed as Light due to old age and extremely Obsolete, T-55A's only strength is in numbers. where an enemy can field 1 Medium tank, the CIS Could Field 3 or 4 of these. Although they might as well be made of glass given that it is no match for even Modern Light AT Launchers, Only the CIS possess the capability to field Armor such as this in such great numbers.

Wheeled IFV/APC
- BTR-90 *Employs a general armament but strong armor and very high mobility*
- BTR-94 *Employs a massive armament that excels at Anti Infantry capabilities*
- BTR-4 *Employs a Large armament intended for Anti Vehicular and Armor duties*
- BTR-3U *General purpose IFV, Normal Firepower, Mobility and Armor*
- BTR-80M *Cheaper, Weaker Alternative to BTR-3U*

Tracked IFV/APC
- BMP-3M *Flashy, Heavy and Most expensive of all CIS IFVs, boasts an impressive armament rivaling many Tanks*
- 2T Stalker - A heavily modernized Belarusian IFV that appears to have transformed out of all recognition from it's BMP Roots. Is heavily armoured but offers only a modest armament and firepower*
- BMP-2M *General Purpose IFV, Most practical Tracked IFV, Is more of a Fighting Vehicle than a Troop Carrier when compared to the CIS BTRs.
- MT-LB *Light APC, Carries only a machinegun, intended only for when funds are low*

Self Propelled Artillery
- 2S7 Pion "The most powerful conventional artillery in the world, Classed as a hero unit, it's slow fire rate and very low speed are counterbalanced by it's indiscriminate area of annihilation when it shells a target, If something is nearby when a Pion shell explodes, it ceases to exist. period"

-2S19 Msta "Heavy Self Propelled Arillery, heavy damage, low-medium reload speed and slow speed, Effective against most targets"

-2S1 Gvozdika " Medium self propelled artillery, fast reload, medium area of effect and moderate drive speed, best used for shelling areas which enemy infantry are present"

BM-21 Grad "Modern Katuyshas, slightly shorter range than a Gvozdika, very innaccurate but it's level of destruction is second only to the Pion due to it's massive volley of rocket explosives, Best Used on soft targets and structures"

Trucks, Logistic Vehicles, and Infantry Mobility Vehicles

- BPM97, Large heavily armored IMV
- BRDM 2 - Light recon vehicle armed only with a machine gun, Can provide decent support in urban infantry combat however due to its high mobility,
- GAZ TIGR "CIS Standard IMV"
- URAL 4320 "Unarmored Troop/Supply Truck"
- KAMAZ 5350 "Lightly Armored Troop/Supply Truck"
- UAZ 3151 "Unarmoured military jeep, Gets small groups of sildiers from A To B, Nothing more"

Emplaced Weapons

- D-30 Howitzer

Note - The T-64 Tanks are considered Variants of each other, and will have the same price, yet differetn statistics and different appearances

DEathgod65 - - 786 comments

Could you guys consider adding a additional class of vehicles? I'm thinking Fire Support. They could be used to support tanks and give additional firepower to infantry when needed.

CIS - BMPT Ramka
CEC - Warrior IFV/ Sch├╝tzenpanzer Puma
PRC - PTL02 Wheeled Tank Destroyer

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Kastrenzo Author
Kastrenzo - - 876 comments

I don't see what any of those have in common.
The Warrior was planned at one point but was Scrapped, We already have one vehicle that serves the same purpose *Tracked, heavy armour, autocannon, etc*, the ASCOD Pizzarro, and the British Army in real life is trying to get ahold of that vehicle for itself anyway.

Europe already has plenty of wheeled IFVs, the Puma was considered but dropped since there are plenty of more modern alternatives, Namely the VBCI

There isnt really a practical purpose in our game for things like the Ramka and the ADATS, We've considered more over the top vehicles aswell like the Burantino but they were all dropped. The CIS BMP-3 is probably the most heavily armed vehicle in our game.

Lastly, we may consider using that Chinese tank destroyer but from the looks of it it's just a WZ551 with a big cannon on the top, we had something like that planned anyway.

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aidas2 - - 3,816 comments

Hope you include the latest Production T90MS

Aswell as other modern version of pretty much almost every vehicle.

Will suck if you include the same old cold war tech every game is showing...

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Kastrenzo Author
Kastrenzo - - 876 comments

The T-90 will probably be something similar to the MS, We're going to add a few more armor additions to it, so it was given a fictional production name, T-90 MSA

The reason "Cold War Tech" is being included as well is to give people a vast variety of things to use, the factions are all fighting wars and do not have the resources to keep producing infinite amounts of Vehicles like T-90s and Leopard 2s, so Upgraded/Modernized vehicles from 10-20 years earlier will also be making appearances.

For example, the M60 Tank used by NAMA would not be one of these

But Rather, would look like this in SL *Minus the dozer blade*

All in all we are aiming to give a huge variety of weaponry and vehicles, But we decided not to go to heavily into "Fictional Equipment", so anything that is not a replica of something in Real life is usually a modification of something that already exists. For example, the European Helmets were originally British MK6s, but after we did some things to them it didnt look like a MK6 anymore, so it was given a new name.

Also, most of our vehicles ARE Using the most modern versions anyway, CIS BTR-80 for example, is the BTR-80M, Instead of just having different names, you will often see older vehicles having a lot of extra armour slapped on them to compensate for their age, regardless of faction.

"Oh dear, bring on the ERA Bricks. and Bring a lot of them >.>"

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Kastrenzo Author
Kastrenzo - - 876 comments

Changelog - Oct 16

- Added AKS-74 *Not to be confused with AKS-74U*
- Changed PP-19 Bizon to PP-19-01 Vitayz
- Changed AT-15 back to AT-14 Kornet
- Added KORD HMG *Emplaced HMGs will be featured afterall*
- With those changes. Everything that is listed under small arms is now CONFIRMED

Vehicle Changes
- Added 2T Stalker
- Changed BPM-97 to DOZOR-B

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Kastrenzo Author
Kastrenzo - - 876 comments

Changelog - Oct 25
- Added AKM "Will only be used by CIS Recruit unit"

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Vktor - - 163 comments

For the CIS sigearms will pe only one or will be added more?

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Kastrenzo Author
Kastrenzo - - 876 comments

Sidearms arent terribly important, I think only 1 is necessary.

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Kastrenzo Author
Kastrenzo - - 876 comments

Changelog - November 30, Tank changes
- Removed BMD-4, No practical use for this. Already more than 1 vehicle filling the same slot
- Changed T-90 MSA to T-90U**
- Added T-90A to Heavyweight MBT, Mid Tier
- T-72B Demoted to Middle-Top Tier to make room for T-80U
- Added TR-85M1 To Medium MBT, Middle-Bottom Tier
- Demoted T-80U To Medium MBT, Top Tier
- T-64BM "Bulat" Will now be a variant of the T-64B, Slated for a defensive role While the Former as an offensive, Both Mid Tier

Aside from two new additions, the T-90A and TR-85M1, No huge changes here. The T-90A will essentially be similar in appearance to the 90U, However the T-90U Will have a much more intimidating and "badass" appeal to it.

** We are fully aware that there is currentley no real production model under the names of T-90U or T-90 MSA, The game is set in 2017 and beyond, so this represents a fictional but plausible vehicle model. The T-90U is intended to be the Peak of the T-90 Family, and of the entire CIS Armor divisions.

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Kastrenzo Author
Kastrenzo - - 876 comments

- Added BMD-4 again, last time it's being shifted

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Kastrenzo Author
Kastrenzo - - 876 comments

Changelog Dec 9

Removed AKS-74 and VEPR/GP30

There is frankly no need for the AKS-74, It was only intended for one of the elite unit types, the Airborne infantry, instead we are giving them AN-94s as their primary weapon, although some soldier types will be Still be using AK-74Ms or AKS-74Us.

As for the Grenadier variant of the VEPR, Only one grenadier weapon is needed, VEPR is an alternative rifle but not the mass produced standard issue like the 74M.

Weapons get added or removed based on if we can find a home for them, a Home meaning a particular unit type where it feels right in. Each faction will have many infantry types split into 4 tiers, Recruits, Army, Elite and Special Forces,

Recruits consist of a single unit, cannon fodder types
Army, the bulk of the forces.
Elite, usually tougher and specialized Army types.
Special forces, this is just an umbrella term given to the top tier units, currentley we've had our hand forced to make most of them stealth oriented. but just because one factions' SF units are stealth doesnt mean they all are.

Another thing, each faction has 3 rifleman variations, all with different headgear, armor, skins, and weapons, since Riflemen will be the most common grunt on the field

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Kastrenzo Author
Kastrenzo - - 876 comments

Changelog Feb 26 2012

- Changed Dozor-B back to BPM97, We've made a Major Change to the way infantry squads will work, so this heralded the BPM and other large IMVs to be brought back,

- Added URAL 4320
- Changed KAMAZ 5350 To be Armored version
- Changed name of UAZ. Didn't know that the 469 Is not produced anymore.

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griszka11 - - 1 comments

"- TR-85M1 "Romanian Tank with T-55 Origins, Below Average Armor, High Mobility and Moderate Firepower, Excells at engaging softer targets such as IFVs, Not Effective in Tank on Tank combat"

This Romanian tank upgraded with Israel equipment is realy nice, but there is one problem. Romania joined to NATO in 2004 year. They had even helped USA in Kosovo and Iraq. So they can't be member of CIS.
I sugest exchange it with modernisied T-55MV (fitted with contact 5 and "Volna" fire control system) build by Morozov which still remains in service in Syria or Russian T-55M5.

And I have another question. How about MP cost per unit for T-90A ?
Will it be significantly cheaper than most of the European tanks ?
T 90A production costs only 2 milion dollars per unit (about 70 mln rubles) and for example new M1A2 or Leopard 2A6 9-10mln dollars (290 mln rubles).

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Kastrenzo Author
Kastrenzo - - 876 comments

The CIS in SL isn't exactly the same as it is in Real life.

In our Canon, or Story, Romania and Bulgaria had recieved little support from the EU, And they left it, later joining the CIS.

There was also a Greek Civil war, which disrupted the entire Balkans, Greece, Serbia and several other Balkan states joined the CIS as they recieved aid during the Balkan war.

We're still working out the kinks and wrinkles with the lower class vehicles, the T-55, TR-85 and T-62 are all very difficult to class because they're all basically **** *excuse my french*. Compared to the workhorse tanks like the T-90A and T-84 Oplot, But we wanted to put them in as a feature somewhat unique to this faction, the ability to field masses of Cheap tanks.

The pricing won't be as extreme as the figure you're giving me, for argument's sake we'd say a T-90A would be 1000, an M1A2 Might be 1100 or so,

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Kastrenzo Author
Kastrenzo - - 876 comments

and even if we did replace the TR-85M1, it wouldn't be with another T-55 variant, it would likley be something more modernized like another T-72 variant.

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artalex3 - - 11 comments

You should not replace the Dozor B on Watch BPM 97.BPM 97 is a highly specialized bids for the border troops (border troops of the structural part of the FSB).He was not adopted for the Ministry of Defence.
At BPM 97 has no analogues in other countries.And watch B have analogigi in drugth countries.Watch also for Dozor B have different versions, such as armoured personnel carrier
armoured vehicle
NBC reconnaissance vehicle
command vehicle
reconnaissance vehicle
general purpose vehitsle
And it looks strange that section Trucks, Logistic Vehicles, and Infantry Mobility Vehicles entirely Russian technology.Watch the original armored vehicle B in the CIS.I would like to back what would you watch Dozor B to this list.I even beg you very much about it. But in other things the last word is yours and you decide.
P.S. Sorry for my bad english.

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Kastrenzo Author
Kastrenzo - - 876 comments

See your PM Inbox.

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armyguy277 - - 97 comments

have you considered replacing the BM-21 with somthing a little more modern like the BM-30 Smerch or WR-40 Langusta?

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