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This is a list of Confirmed weapons and vehicles that will be featured in the European Faction. This is not complete and may have a few missing items but will be added As soon as possible.

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Small Arms
Standard Issue Weaponry

Assault Rifles
- G36A - Standard Issue, Medium statistics all around, good all around
- VHS D - Standard Issue, Low ROF, High Damage, Better at longer ranges
- AUGA3 - Standard Issue, Higher ROF, Lower damage, better at medium range
- AUGA3/M203
- L85A2 - Issued to Euro Marines, Low ROF, Very High Damage, better at long range
- FN F2000 - Issued to Euro Elite Army, Very high ROF, Medium damage, better at shorter ranges

Machine Guns
- FN Minimi

Long Range Rifles
- AS50

Carbines/Light Rifles
- VHS-K - Standard Issue to support units, Semi Auto, High damage, medium range
- G36C - Issued to Euro Marines and SF, High ROF, lower damage, better at shorter ranges
- SG 552 - Issued to Euro Elite army, Medium ROF, Medium damage, better at medium/long range

Fabarm SAT-8

- Panzerfaust 3T
- Carl Gustav M3

Submachineguns & Sidearms
- G17
- G18C
- MP5
- MP7
- UMP45

*This list is not complete but we ourselves have a list of planned vehicles, This list has only vehicles that without a doubt have been agreed on*

Heavy Tanks
- C
hallenger 2 "Slow but the most heavily armoured and the best gun in the European arsenal"
- Leopard 2A6 "Moderate speed for a heavy tank, Perhap's Europe's most practical Heavy Tank"
- Leopard 2A5 "A Leopard with less firepower but more Mobile than the 2A6"
- AMX 56 Leclerc "Alternative to the Leopard 2 from France, Heavily armoured but a weaker gun."

Medium Tanks
- Ariete "A lighter MBT in comparison to Europe's Big 3, The most modern in the medium weight category"
- PT-91 Twardy "Polish tank built off of a T-72 Body, Covered in ERA Bricks to compensate for its weaker armor, Carries a stronger gun than most medium tanks"
- Challenger 1 "General Purpose Medium Tank, Medium armor, speed and firepower"
- Leopard 1A5 " An older Economy class tank, best used to bolster strength of other light units"
- AMX 30 "Inexpensive Economy class Tank, Cheaper alternative to all other Medium tanks but must use strength in numbers for any combat effectiveness"

Light Tanks
- FV 107 "Recon Tank with a decent autocannon capable of damaging larger vehicles, Best used as fast attack vehicle as it is utterly feeble and fragile"

Wheeled IFV/APC

- VBCI "French 8 Wheel IFV, High Mobility, Good armor and high firepower, Best Wheeled IFV in the European Arsenal, Also incluiding a Grenade Launcher variant and a Chaingun Variant*
- Centauro "Italian Wheeled tank destroyer, Low/medium armor, high mobility and great firepower for dealing with most Tanks"
- Boxer "Heavily Armoured APC, Armed only with a Machinegun however"
- VEC "Spanish 6WD Fighting vehicle, smaller and lighter than the VBCI but serves the same purpose"
- VAB "A French VAB Upgraded to fighting vehicle capability, small frame, low/medium armor, and a autocannon good for anti vehicle or anti infantry. Great vehicle for urban infantry support"

Tracked IFV
- CV90 "Heavy tracked IFV From Sweden that uses a small caliber tank gun, good for anti armor purposes
- ASCOD Pizarro "Europe's general purpose tracked IFV, Good armor, slow/medium speed and an autocannon/machinegun, good all around"
- Dardo "An Italian Middleweight IFV, Somewhat Comparable to a M2A2 Bradley or BMP-2M"

Infantry Mobility Vehicles
- AMZ-Zubr
- Mercedes Benz G-Wagen Wolf

- Raba H18
- LKW-7t

Self Propelled Weaponry
- PZH 2000 "German Heavy artillery, moderate speed, low armour, high firepower and moderate reload time"
- WR40 Langusta "Polish MRLS, Long reload time and a relativley low Rocket count, but compensates for high lethality per rocket. Utterly defenseless"
- Boxer Mortar Carrier "A Boxer APC with an open roof to allow a large caliber mortar to fire from it, Defenseless"

Currentley the CEC Is the only faction that we are working on, but plans are still being drawn for other faction equipment. Check the features tab for Other Faction Loadouts *Please keep in mind that all other faction loadouts are meerly rough plans, as many of them we have a good idea of what we will do, but the lists are not finalized.

P3ACE753 - - 651 comments

It's all good except for one thing:

The Leopard 2A6's Rheinmetall 120 mm smoothbore gun L55 is better than the Challengers' L30A1 120 mm rifled gun.

The Rheinmetall gun was designed to kill (Soviet block) tanks at ranges up to 5000m while moving through rough terrain at high speeds. (top speed of Leopard is 72km/h, Challenger is only 56km/h)

The L30A1 was designed to destory buildings and light armored vehicles at ranges up to 8000m. The Challenger is very heavily armored so its perfect for urban combat where its L30A1 120mm rifled gun can more accurately destroy buildings and soft-skin vehicles with its HESH (high explosive squash head) rounds while taking massive amounts of AT fire.

So the Challenger should be the best armored as you said but not the best armed.
The Leopard should be the agile tank killer with the best gun (just like in real life).
As for the French AMX 56 Leclerc, it only weighs 54t so in lacks armor (the Challenger and Leopard weight 62t, so they have 8t more armor)

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godzillafirefox - - 47 comments

True, but the smooth bore isn't as accurate, so the challenger would win over-all in my opinion.

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P3ACE753 - - 651 comments

Do you think the Leopard is firing cannon balls? ALL Modern Main Battle Tanks (except Challenger and Arjun) Use APFSDS rounds to kill heavily armored targets. 'APFSDS' means armour-piercing fin-stabilized discarding sabot and if the most accurate Tank-Killing weapon (besides missiles).

The Challenger CAN NOT use APFSDS rounds because the shell is already spinning when it leaves the barrel thus it impares the fin-stabilizers on the Sabot round.

And as I said before, the Challenger 2 WAS DESIGNED to destroy STRUCTURES AND SOFT-SKIN VEHICLES! It is heavily armored so it can survive urban environments where you find STRUCTURES AND SOFT-SKIN VEHICLES.

The Leopard 2 WAS DESIGNED to destroy the anticipated MASS OF SOVIET ARMOR THAT WOULD COME THROUGH POLAND (back in 80s & 90s)! So the Leopard 2 is able to kill ALL ARMOR within a 5000m RANGE WHILE MOVING THROUGH ROUGH TERRAIN AT TOP SPEED!

Challenger 2 vs Leopard 2 A6 (in a tank vs tank style battle) = WIN for Leopard

But if you would put a Challenger and a Leopard to secure a city, the Challenger has a higher chance to come out alive.

Are you using facts when speaking or are you taking from what it feels right to you? Cause when you words like "in my opinion" then giving me negative karma for the facts I stated,that makes you look like an ***.

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Kastrenzo Author
Kastrenzo - - 876 comments

I dont know if I mentioned this or not but there were some things we did for balancing and gameplay purposes that did not necessarily reflect real life capabilities of vehicles. All of the heavy tanks in all factions will be formidable anyway

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P3ACE753 - - 651 comments

Well can you please tell us the changes? :)

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Kastrenzo Author
Kastrenzo - - 876 comments

Generally the vehicles are ranked based on Armour strength first. And then Firepower second. If I used the word "Best" that was probably a mistake,

The Challenger 2, Leopard 2A6 and Leclerc will all have comparable firepower, there will be a few changes here and there, say one tank may have a faster reload speed, etc, but the armour and mobility *Speed* values will be different.

Again, I'd like to stress that this is a game. we are making things realistic but we arent trying to make this a military hardware ******* contest, Things arent going to be so unbalanced that some German person or a fan of the Leopard 2 is going to be butthurt that the Challenger is far superior. If you know what I mean. In most cases, the differences between each factions heavy tanks are slight at most, sometimes we make each one with a specific idea in mind, the NAMA Faction for example uses mostly Abrams variants, but has a Canadian Leopard that will be stronger as a defensive role.

More information will be provided when we actually start working on these, Right now the only vehicle we've completed was the FV107

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aidas2 - - 3,816 comments

I kind of agree with P3ACE753, Think the Leo2a7 should be the main battle tank, there's more produced and bigger part of Europe uses them, while the Chally is only used by the brits and there are only a few hundred of them.

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Kastrenzo Author
Kastrenzo - - 876 comments

Both the Leopard and Challenger are being used.

The C2 will be somewhat more heavily armoured, And will be the most expensive. I've said it a thousand times, the higher on the list, the more expensive it will be. So perhaps you may find in gameplay that the Leopard is better suited to your style after all.

The Leopard 2 (A6 or A7, whatever one we go with) will be in the medium tier, it will still be expensive but not as high as the C2.

Both Vehicles will be tough and have good firepower, the Leopard will drive faster, and the Challenger will have tougher armor. that's it.

Not trying to be arrogant but let's drop this subject now. We can discuss it again when we start working on vehicles, which is very soon, and also just to let you know, that while it is undecided which one we will make first, the Challenger, Leopard or Leclerc is going to be done right after the BMR is completed

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aidas2 - - 3,816 comments

Thought of adding the Warrior IFV or the Fennek? Think There's a bit too much french stuff.

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Kastrenzo Author
Kastrenzo - - 876 comments

Warrior was removed. We had a model of it a long time ago but it was quite old, Solistx didnt like it,

Personally I think there was too many British things.

We already have two Tracked IFV platforms, the CV90 and ASCOD Pizarro, the Latter fills the roll of a tracked vehicle with autocannon and such. and if I'm not mistaken the British Army is trying to get ahold of some of them.

As for that Fennek, I beileve that kind of vehicle fits in our Light Armoured vehicles. The VBL Is already there.

The European list has for the most part been finalized, we added a few things to it, nameley a few medium tanks. But other than that we arent really changing things because for most accounts, this list was decided on before I even joined this Mod.

As for the "Too many french things", We beileve that in mainstream culture that military hardware from Britian and Germany is featured too often, And we like to give underrated hardware a chance. France has a formidable military in europe and rarley is it ever credited.

Just going off memory, we have Military equipment from Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. I think that is a fair representation.

and just vehicles Included, only 5 are French

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Kastrenzo Author
Kastrenzo - - 876 comments

- MG3 was removed.

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Bigstè - - 5 comments

First, sorry for my English. The list I think could be improved with a couple of introductions:

Assault Rifles
Beretta ARX-160

Long-range rifles
Accuracy International Arctic Warfare

Franchi Spas 15

Ground vehicles:

Medium tanks
Leopard 1: has been in service in most European armies, and still is in reserve in many of these armies.

Light tanks
Cv 90105-120: variant with 105mm or 120mm gun of the excellent cv90, in service with Sweden and considered as a light tank.

APC/IFV tracked
Wiesel family of vehicles: German family of tracked vehicles in service as support for paratroopers

APC/IFV wheeled
VBM Freccia-Super AV: Italian IFV derived by centauro, with antitank (two Spike launchers) and amphibian (the Super AV) variant

Wheeled vehicles Light
VTLM Lince: light tactical vehicle for exploration and transport product in Italy, in service in ten European countries and known for its resistance to IED and mines and Rpg

Finally I realized that of all the armies missing the protection anti-aircraft and the support and engineering(as Bridgelayer and Armoured recovery vehicle). Will not be present?

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Bigstè - - 5 comments

You could also add the howitzers
TRF1 (French)
FH-70 (Italo Anglo German)

as well as artillery systems mounted on trucks
ARCHER (Swedish)
CAESAR (French)

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Kastrenzo Author
Kastrenzo - - 876 comments

The list is final. In regards to the small arms, what you must understand is that for every weapon we make, we must find a "home" for it, some weapons are only used by a single unit type. There are already 3 regular riflemen types. Adding more weapons just makes the game complicated.

Some points, The VHS rifle is essentially identical to a Famas at first glance, if you want to pretend the VHS is a Famas, go ahead. that decision was made before I even joined this mod.

Plus I also see no purpose for any of those vehicles, we already have something that fills every one of those roles.

As I said, the list is final, I feel we have already planned a huge amount of hardware and to ask more is just a waste of time.

We arent aiming to make the weaponry of every european country in the world.

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Kastrenzo Author
Kastrenzo - - 876 comments

Also, there are no aircraft in SL, So no need for Self propelled AA systems

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Kastrenzo Author
Kastrenzo - - 876 comments

Changelog - Nov 30th
- Changed AMX-32 to AMX-30B2 "This isnt really a change, I had just listed the wrong vehicle by accident, the 32 is an export market vehicle that no one really used"

- Added Leopard 1A5 to Medium weight MBTs
- Added Leopard 2A5, Still trying to figure out where to place it

*We are including a Leopard 2A5 AND 2A6, It is likley that we will do something similar to them as we did to the T-64s for the CIS*

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Kastrenzo Author
Kastrenzo - - 876 comments

Changelog - Mar 4th 2012

This was entirley unexpected, but in light of our Infanty mechanics being changed around, we made some changes to the IFV Category

- Removed BMR-600 *Redundant as the GTK Boxer shares the same role*
- Split VBCI Into HMG/GL/Chaingun variants.
- Added Dardo IFV *CEC Lacked a Mid Range Tracked IFV*

This will probably be the last change for this faction.

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Kastrenzo Author
Kastrenzo - - 876 comments

The BMR Might be repurposed, since it was already modelled, but for now it's being removed as a general IFV.

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Kastrenzo Author
Kastrenzo - - 876 comments

Changelog - May 6th 2012

- BMR Removed completley. See last post
- Added G36A Assault Rifle as a Standard issue. L85 will be removed from regular army and given to the European Marines exclusivley

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AquilaESP - - 33 comments

He should be the G36K.

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AquilaESP - - 33 comments

The G36 A is wrong, so:

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AquilaESP - - 33 comments

Me refiero a que habéis puesto el G36A sin el cargador.

I mean you put the G36A no charger.

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