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Important information on the latest version of the Edain Mod, including details on the installation process, frequently asked questions, support information and more. PLEASE READ THIS!

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Edain Mod 3.7.1
© by Edain Team and Ealendril Games
Supported by: EA Community Team

Table of Contents

This Readme contains essential information on the Edain Mod 3.7.1, among other things in regards to common issues and questions, the Edain Switcher, and multiplayer. It is strongly recommended to read this document in its entirety in order to avoid problems.

This document contains the following points:

I. Team Members and Credits
II. Installing the Edain Mod
III. Uninstalling the Edain Mod
IV. Support and Frequently Asked Questions
V. Edain Switcher
VI. Campaign
VII. Submods
VIII. Multiplayer

Team Members and Credits

Contact persons:
Ealendril der Dunkle (Team Leader), Lord of Mordor, Simbyte

Codes / Scripting:
Ealendril der Dunkle

Lord of Mordor, Reshef

Reshef, Lord of Mordor, Ealendril der Dunkle

Models / Animations:
Ealendril der Dunkle, Thorongil03

Skins / 2D Graphics:
Adamin, Ealendril der Dunkle

Ealendril der Dunkle

Campaign / Maps:
Ernesto -m-, Reshef, Gnomi

Concept and ideas:
Lord of Mordor, Adamin

Website administration (

Cost management:

Installer / Switcher:
Turin Turumbar

English Translation (in progress)
Simbyte, Leander, Sleipnir

Beta Testers:
Elros, Chu'unthor, Prinz_Kael, The Witcher, piet1976

Balance Testers:
Der König Düsterwalds, Sckar, SephirothEx42

Thanks to our former members:
Alien aka Infiltrator
WOA aka Witchking of Angmar
Doggy aka Ghostface

Special Thanks for the support of:
EA Community Team
Moddb ( )
Cirdan and ( )
Ravencrest and ( )
SuM-Fanpage ( )
German Gaming Magazines PCGames und PCAction
HdR Inside ( )
The entire Modding-Union Community

Thanks to the team of Edain I:
Elessar Telcontar

Many thanks for the support and contributions of the following mods and modders:
Robert Johnson (RJ_RotWk)
Sûlherokk (SEE - Special Extend Edition)
Nazgul aka Chriz (SEE - Special Extend Edition)
Celeglin (Elven Alliance)
The Dead Player
Morgoth615 (Four Ages)
Herunor (DsuB - Die Schlacht um Beleriand)
Hatacatan (DsuB - Die Schlacht um Beleriand)
Manuel2811 (Elvenstar Mod1)
Firmus (Elvenstar Mod1)
Buccane (HDRHQ)
Wars of Arda
Christian Beltramo (Legends)

Thanks for the contribution of the following Modding Union Edain Community Members:
Lord-Alex (Sounds)
Tar-Dingens (Map "Fornost Erain")
Wulfgar (Sounds Theoden)
MCM aka k10071995 (Sounds Eowyn, Merry, Pippin)
PumaYIY (Sounds Merry, Pippin)
Tar-Palantir (Sounds Pippin)
Halbarad (Sounds Pippin)

Special thanks to Petri Tikka for permission to use his fantastic rendition of Tolkien's song "A Elbereth Gilthoniel" (Gildor's Song) in the Edain Mod. You can find him and his work at:

II. Installing the Edain Mod

The Edain Mod is a modification for "The Rise of the Witch-King". Make sure you have a fully updated copy of both "The Battle for Middle-Earth II" (Version 1.06) and "The Rise of the Witch-King" (Version 2.01) installed before proceeding. Also ensure that you have no other mods installed.

Edain Mod 3.7.1 is a full version of the Edain Mod. This download contains all required files to play the mod - no previous versions are required.

Edain is automatically installed by an installation program which extracts all required files into the appropriate directories.

During the installation process, you will be asked to accept our license agreement. You are not authorized to use or install the Edain Mod or any associated programs and components if you do not consent to all points in that agreement.

III. Uninstalling the Edain Mod

To uninstall the Edain Mod, simply launch "uninstalleredain.exe" in your "Rise of the Witch-King" folder.

IV. Support and Frequently Asked Questions

In case you experience any technical difficulties or errors with installing or playing the Edain Mod, please post them on our moddb profile ( or the english section of our website:

The Edain Team will answer your questions to the best of our abilities.

If you wish to report a bug or error within the game, please always include the following information:

*How much game time elapsed before the bug occured?
*On which map and as which faction did you play?
*Against which opponents did you play (AI or human, AI difficulty setting, LAN or Internet, number of players, which factions?)

- Common Errors and Frequently Asked Questions: -

1. Is this Mod only available in German?

At this point, yes. All features of the Mod are entirely in German. We are working on a translation, but cannot say when it will be finished. If you are fluent in both German and English and want to help out, drop us a line.

2. Units in the game are pink or invisible.

Most likely this means you have the wrong asset.dat. In many cases, this problem can be solved by uninstalling the mod, then redownloading it and reinstalling it.

3. The game crashes after roughly 15 minutes.

This could happen because you have enabled Custom Heroes. Custom Heroes do NOT work with this modification and should always be disabled. Additionally, make sure you have a fully legit and patched version of the game. No-CD cracks are NOT supported! If you still experience crashes, try uninstalling and re-installing both the Edain Mod and the game.

4. Custom Heroes do not work.

This feature is not compatible with the Edain Mod. Custom Heroes have been disabled to solve several grave problems caused by them and will never work with this mod.

5. I can't join multiplayer games with other Edain players because game versions are not synchronized.

First ensure that all players have the latest version of Edain installed and there are no files left over from a previous installation or any mod other than Edain. If you are certain all players are using Edain 3.7.1, the error might be caused by two or more players having different campaign missions selected. All players must have the same campaign missions selected in the Switcher. Please read the campaign section below for further information.

6. War of the Ring causes crashes when playing with another human player.

For Edain 3.7.1, the War of the Ring has been overhauled to work with all Edain units, factions and heroes. It is possible to play it without errors in singleplayer. Unfortunately, the mode still causes problems when played in multiplayer which we are unable to fix at the moment. Of course, this does not impair skirmish multiplayer in any way.

V. Edain Switcher

The Edain Switcher is an essential part of the Edain Mod and allows access to several important functions. As the Switcher and all accompanying features are currently in German, its functions will be outlined below.

- "Edain Mod deaktivieren" disables the Edain Mod temporarily so you can play the original game without having to uninstall the Mod entirely.

- "Edain Mod aktivieren" reactivates the Mod. Note that once you have disabled the Mod, you have to restart the Switcher before you can reactivate it.

- "Edain Mod starten" launches the Edain Mod or the original game, depending on whether you have disabled the Mod.

- "Kampagne", "Submods" and "Edain Multiplayer (Tunngle)" will be covered in greater detail below.

- "Nach Updates suchen" checks whether there is a new version of the Switcher or the Mod itself available. You may also enable Auto Update to perform this function automatically at startup.

- "Edain Mod Switcher beenden" closes the Switcher.

VI. Campaign

Edain Mod 3.7.1 contains an unique campaign, depicting the War of the Dwarves and Orcs. While the campaign is, like the rest of the Mod, only available in German at this point and it is recommended to wait for the translation, this Readme will nonetheless explain the workings of the campaign for the sake of completeness.

As there existed a bug with the Mod that prevented the loading of saved files while we were developing the campaign, we had to come up with a workaround to allow the continous playing of a connected campaign. The saved games bug has now been fixed, but we have not yet finished adjusting the campaign accordingly, so the old workaround is still in use. This workaround uses the Switcher.

The campaign spans 12 missions. If you wish to play the game, you have to choose the mission you want to play before launching the game. To do this, cklick the "Kampagne" button on the switcher, bringing up a dropdown list of the 12 missions in chronological order. Here, you can choose the mission you want to play by clicking on its name in the dropdown list. The Switcher will then activate this mission and deactivate any previous choice. Now, you can launch the game and click "Krieg der Zwerge" in the Singleplayer tab to load your selected mission. If you want to take on another mission, you must quit the game and select a new mission via the Switcher.

By default, you may only select the first mission, "Vertreibung vom Erebor", in the dropdown list. The other 11 will have to be unlocked first. You can do this using the "Neue Missionen freischalten" button in the Switcher's campaign menu. This will bring up a prompt where you can enter passwords to unlock missions. You get the password for each mission at the end of the previous mission - so in order to get the password for mission 2, you have to beat mission 1, etc. Once you have unlocked a mission, you can select and replay it whenever you like.

While this may seem complicated at first, it allows you to play through the whole campaign without having to save your campaign between sessions.

IMPORTANT: If two or more players want to launch a multiplayer game, it is important that all participating players have the same campaign mission selected. Otherwise, your game versions will not synchronize.

VII. Submods

Submods are user-created addons to the Edain Mod with permission of the team, expanding the mod, giving it an unique touch or even building an entirely new gameplay upon the base Mod. The Switcher allows you to download all available submods. Submod .big-files must be put into your "Rise of the Witch-King" directory, allowing you and enable and disable them via the Switcher at will.

Note that submods are not compatible with each other and only one can be active at a time. At the date of the 3.7.1 release, no submods will be compatible with it yet because they have to be updated first.

IMPORTANT: Submods are NOT supported by the Edain Team and are installed at your own risk. The Edain Team does not provide support for problems with submods. In case of trouble, you may contact the respective submod's creator, however. Usually, each submod has their own thread in this forum:

This forum also contains a (German) set of guidelines and rules each submod HAS to follow in order to be approved by the Edain Team. Users are not allowed to create Edain submods without approval from the Edain Team.

VII. Multiplayer

In case you'd like to play a few rounds of multiplayer with other Edain fans, we recommened you check out the Edain Tunngle Network to find likeminded players around the clock.

Clicking "Edain Multiplayer (Tunngle)" in the Switcher will open Tunngle and automatically log you into the Edain Network. If you have not installed Tunngle yet, this button will bring up your browser with a download for Tunngle.

In case you have any questions about Tunngle, ask them in this thread:

IMPORTANT: If two or more players want to launch a multiplayer game, it is important that all participating players have the same campaign mission selected. Otherwise, your game versions will not synchronize. Read the campaign section above for further details.

Edain Mod - Follow your Destiny

The Edain-Team

Trailhog250 - - 714 comments

So... The version coming is going to be 3.7.5 right? Because 3.7.1 is already out?

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Gnomi - - 4,488 comments

Sure. 3.7.1 is out for a long time now... we just haven't uploaded it on moddb yet.^^
Atm we're working on 3.7.5. :)

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Geraltfff - - 1 comments

I have a strange problem with the battle of the ring mode in this mod. When I click on the armies of Sauron game shuts down and I get a message that the file game.dat is not working correctly , does anyone have an idea how to fix it?

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joa800 - - 4 comments

traduscas el mod al español :D

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