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Taken from multiple shows, mangas, and videogames. Cited to the best of my and the Wiki's knowledge

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All Federation weapons known to have existed:
Space ships: Tech 1
Magellan Class Battleship:
L:327 meters Armament: 7 twin linked megaparticle cannons, 4 missile tubes, 14 AA guns

Salamis Class Light Cruiser:
L:198 meters Armament: 6 single megaparticle cannons, 2 6-Tube Missile launchers, 8 missile pods, 6 AA guns

Lepanto class Missile Frigate:
L:180 Meters Armament: 1 Mega particle Cannon, 3 6-tube missile launchers, 6 5-tube Missile launchers, 8 Missile Pods 6 AA guns.

Columbus class Carrier type
L:145 meters Armament: 2 single barrel megaparticle cannons atop hangars
Carries 18 fighters or MS in 3 squadrons or 6 teams

Tech level 2:

Pegasus class White Base Type:
L:262 meters Armament: 2 twin 560mm deck guns, 2 mega particle cannons mounted
on each side, 8 fore 3-tube missile launchers, 2 aft 4-tube missile launchers
Carries 2 MS teams and 1 fighter squadron

Tech 3:

Public class assault ship
Large shuttle ferrying capital sized missiles into battle. shielded from beam weaponry. Slow and Heavy Bomber

Tech 4:

Nelson class:
L:198 meters Armament: 6 single megaparticle cannons, 8 missile tubes, 4 AA guns
Design delays limited this ship's deployments to just 2 months after the war. however, just like with EAW, we can play with time some. Holds 2 MS teams.

Trafalgar Class Assault carrier:
L:327-340 meters length unstated but only slightly increased.
Armament: 1 twin linked megaparticle cannon
Carries 72 MS grouped into 24 Teams.
Trades nearly all of its weapons for a pair of ship length hangars.

Pegasus Class Thoroughbred Type:
L:262 meters Armament: 2 twin 560mm deck guns, 2 mega particle cannons mounted
on each side, 26 fore and 6 rear missile tubes presumably in 3 and 4 bunched tubes, 35 40mm anti MS guns.
Carries 15 MS in 5 teams.
upgraded pegasus class

Now onto Federation carried craft. due to limitations in technology all mobile weapons must be ferried into battle aboard carrier ships.

Saberfish interceptors:
Missile and autocannon armed fighter. carried aboard Columbus class until tech 3. largely inadequate, but it is all that the federation has.

FFX7 Core Fighter:
Carries 4 autocannons and 2 heavy missile launchers. Surplus Cores from the mobile suit developement program that have been relegated to escorting the White Base Carriers.

RX78-1 Prototype Gundam:
Products of Federation research, these units and their test pilots have been pressed into service aboard the few White base class carriers the federation has. While very well armored and carrying beam rifles, these models suffer compared to their successors in speed, manueverability, accuracy, and rate of fire. phased out in tech 4 as most were scrapped for spare parts for the stronger gundam units.

GM(E) Early Type:
Prototype space MS used to gather computing information and to develope tactics for mobile suits. The other half of the White Base class' complement. uses autocannon
Inferior to the mass production model, and only used for tech 2.

RB 79k Ball Mobile pod:
Mass production ball armed with heavy recoiless gun and claws. Crude, but effective.
Carried by Magellan and Salamis from tech 3 onward. split half and half with GMs

Mass production multi use mobile suit armed with a beam spray gun. Fast, heavily armed, and decently armored.
Carried by Salamis, Magellan, and Columbus Classes from tech 3, Replaces the GM early type on the White Base Carriers, as well as being carried aboard the Trafalgar in tech 4

RX-77D Guncannon Mass Production Type:
Guncannons may be slower but they carry heavy weapons that are perfect for engaging
slower and beam resistant targets. armed with heavy cannons and Beam rifle. serves on Colombus Carriers at tech 3 and Makes up a significant number of MS aboard Trafalgars at tech 4.

GM Striker Type:
Strikers are uparmored and have more thrusters, making them a direct improvement over the prototype Gundams. Replaces the Prototype Gundams aboard White Base Carriers and serves aboard the Thoroughbred and Nelson Classes as elite units. armed with beam spray gun.

FFX7 Bst Core Booster:
A core fighter attached to an armored frame that mounts 2 mega particle cannons in addition to the fighter's base armaments. Replaces the White Base class's standard core fighter at tech 4.

RGM79SP GM Sniper:
While no better protected than the base GM, the sniper is faster. It is also equipped with a long range beam rifle. Carried aboard the Nelson and Thoroughbred classes, as well as replacing the GMs aboard the White Bases at tech 4

land Units:
Tech 1
Infantry Company: The buggies do not have a wiki page, and that makes me sad considering how many we see get martyred at Jaburo and in Ireland.
2 Vulcan Gun Buggies
2 missile buggies
2 transport jeeps with top MG (two squad capacity)
2 squads of deployable antitank missile infantry
(the predecessor of the antiMS missile we see in IGLOO GF)
5 5 man fire teams. mostly used as scouts and to engage lighter Zeon forces.

Type 61 Tank Company:
Deployed in companies of ten, twin 150 mm guns, machine gun for dealing with light targets.
Hopelessely outmatched by Zakus, but can use numbers and tactics to fight.

Saberfish squadron:
We can avoid making another model by just reusing them. they are multirole. unlike in space however they do have the speed and air advantage, as well as being superior to Zeon equivalents. deploys in squadrons of 6.

Big Tray Class Land Battleship:
Used for command and heavy artillery. Three triple linked heavy cannons on turrets around the ship, 2 mega particle cannons below the bridge. No lighter weapons renders the ship vulnerable to flanking and aerial attacks.

Tech 2:

Regina Missile Team:
An up-scaled antitank missile (or i believe just one of the feddies cruise missiles) in a deploy-able infantry carried launcher. 6 squads. can cloak.

Motorized infantry Company: To conserve manpower the Federation deploys just light armor.
2 Troop carriers, deploys infantry if needed
4 Vulcan Buggies
4 Missile Buggies
1 sonar Hover Truck

Type 61A5 Tank: bottom of main tank's page
Standard tank with a larger bore armor piercing round. just a damage upgrade of the original.

Anti Zaku Tank:
An up-scaled flak cannon on treads. More firepower than the T61. deploys in squads of 5.

RX79G Gundam Groundtype:
Limited production mobile suit, of which twenty were built. Deploys in MS teams of 3 with an armored sonar Hovertruck:
only five teams can be built, using the lfetime build limiter. of course this is subject to a glitch where even if there is less than five in production the suit's icon will vanish from the build menu when the first one completes. Team is equiped with beam rifles.

Tech 3:

GM Mass Produced:
Besides a very small amount of experimental units, the GM is the Federation's primary mass production Mobile suit. Faster, better armored and armed than anything the zeon has deployed yet. Armed with a beam spray gun, which is equivalent to an smg for mobile suits.
It will still annihilate most things in a few shots.

Guntank Mass Production type:
Artillery and support tank when the landships are too big or not available.
deploys in teams of 3.

GM (G) Sniper:
Sniper Beam Rifle Equipped GM. Works solo. long range assassination. Don't stand still.

Tech 4: federation releases specialized MS and other weapons to drive the Zeon off of Earth

Armoured GM:
Heavily Armored GM with increased speed. Carries same weapons as its base model

RGM-79G GM Command:
deploys with a squad of GMs. has sensor ping, as well as offering a bonus to unit health and line of sight. Faster than average GMs.

Big Fork Class:

Trades the particle guns of the Big tray class in favor of many more point defense cannons and better firing arcs, as well as having a much more defended command tower

Federation heroes:

General Revil:
Commands both a magellan class and a big fork class, while also providing a large command bonus. His pressure to update the federation armed forces decreases the cost of teching up and production of Pegasus line ships.

Jamitov Hymen:
Greasy politician and earthenoid supremacist who uses the war to advance his power.
Cost decrease accross the board, but does not stack with Revil's bonuses.

Heroes Tech 2:

White base:
The White Base, the trojan horse, the second of the Pegasus class Assault Carriers and the basis for the White Base Subclass.
Deployed earlier than intended due to the Federation's dire lack of heavy warships. Provides Increased line of sight from her advanced sensors, and most importantly, the best mobile suit the federation has (as well as the guncannon and guntank.)
1 core fighter squadron until tech 4, where it recieves a core booster team.

RX-78-2 Gundam, Amuro Ray:
Known as The White Devil to its Zeon enemies, the Gundam is a heavily armed and armored warmachine with a shield that can tank even Particle Cannons (represented by giving the unit an actual slow to regen shield) The type 2 gundam is stronger and faster than the test models seen on other ships, and carries a refined beam rifle with a better rate of fire. Amuro's newtype reflexes gives the machine virtually unmatched agility. while it can be overwhelmed, its unlikely zeon will be able to down this machine until later techs if it is supported by fighters and a fleet.

2 RX-77-2 Guncannons:
Kai Shiden and Ryu Jose
Heavier armor, shoulder cannons, and beam rifles makes up for the slower speed and manueverability of these units.

RX-75-4 Guntank:
Hayato Kobayashi
Deployed in space as an artillery unit. extremely durable but moves like a tank someone decided to use in space.

White base complement ends here

Igloo Tech 2 ground units:

Lt Ben Barberry: Grizzled veteran in command of his own team of Anti MS infantry.
Increases line of sight. We will be using his japanese screaming. the man is nuts.

Harman Yandell: An ace Type 61 tank gunner. increases unit health for tanks, also completely nuts. his tank company can cloak due to tactical genius.

RTX-440 Assault Type Guntank:
Arleen Nazon, Milos Karppi, Doroba Kuzuwayu
Powerful and fast guntanks that focus more on single unit destruction than rapid fire.
igloo units end here

The 08th MS Team. Gundam Ground Types
Ez8 Gundam, Shiro Amada:[G]Ez-8_Gundam_Ez8
A redesign of a previously crippled unit, the Ez8 provides a command bonus as well as being faster than its previous counterpart.
GM head Gundam: Karen Joshua
A (G) type Gundam with a GM head.
Terry Sander's standard (G) Gundam
One Hovertruck with sensor ping and cloak crewed by
Michel Ninorich and Eliador Massis
Buffed versions of the already limited Gundam Ground Types.

Tech 3
Blanc Rival:
White base type carrier holding several upgraded and experimental Gundams, as well as a little known MS Team known as the "Immortal" 4th Team:

Gundam Unit 3:
South Burning
While 3 units of RX78-2 were made, onle one made it to Jaburo whole. the scrap that remained of the other two was used to produce a single unit, which would be assigned to the venerable pilot South Burning. while not as manuevaerable as Amuro's, it is just as well armed and armored.

RX-78NT-1 Gundam Alex:
Christina Mackenzie.
An uparmored RX72 with more reactive controls, the ALEX was originally meant for
Amuro Ray, but with the frictionless coating upgrade on the first gundam this was seen as redundant. instead the machine would be assigned to a top of her class oldtype Ace.

Mudrock Gundam:
Taking the Alex one step further, the mudrock brings a pair of shoulder mounted 300mm cannons to the fight. enlarged thrusters makes it just as fast and manueverable as the Alex.

The Immortal Fourth: a buffed and named GM team
Bernard Mancha, Alpha A. Bates, Chap Adel.

Tech 4.

Bask Ohm, Solar System Command:
serving aboard a modified Colombus, Bask relays targeting instructions to the EFSF superweapon "Solar System" which can heavily damage most ships and obliterate MS. However the ship is unarmed and carries no MS.
must be built

The Bee Hive:
Colombus class Carrier and flagship of the Moore Brotherhood, a group of side 4 survivors who chose to retake their homeland and likewise open a path to Zeon in order for the Federation to go around the great Zeon star fortresses. Carries its own beam cannons.
besides a significant number of MS that their incompetent commander throws at the enemy, the ship also carries a Gundam.
FA78 Full Armor Gundam:
Io Fleming.
Whilst known for blaring jazz and insulting others the brash Io is the best pilot in the brotherhood, and his MS is one of the most impressive the federation has.
It is quite likely to be a direct upgrade of the Alex.
Twin beam rifles, a beam cannon, multiple missile launchers, 4 shields, heavy armor, upscaled thrusters, as well as sealed joints to allow optimum performance in debris fields make the "Thunderbolt Gundam" a sight to be feared. Especialy when you have been taking potshots at the mad man behind the controls for about 2 months.

The Thoroughbred:
The standard for the Thoroughbred type and the dedicated carrier for the Federation's most advanced MS piloted by the best aces they have available.
Replaces one of its MS teams with these individual Suits

Luce Kassel
A faster Alex unit with an upgraded reactor. carries 2 arm mounted beam cannons and a hand held mega beam launcher, making it highly effective against both ships and MS

Ford Romfellow
A variant of unit four that instead carries a (giant) minigun. extremely lethal to MS and mobile armors, including shielded ones.

Hughes Courand
Despite watching his entire unit being wiped out, hughes is an able pilot and has been assigned to Gundam Unit 7, a high speed space superiority MS built with an Alex frame.

Thoroughbred complement ends here

Officers: limit 2 each. your Tianems, Kojimas, Walkains, and other background officers
Colonel: deploys with land company and rides in a hovertruck. moderate land bonus
General: serves aboard Land Battleship and provides large ground bonus
Wing Commander: serves aboard a Colombus class and buffs fighters and MS
Admiral: serves aboard Magellan class and buffs capital ships

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