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What is the Duel Map? A quick summary of what the map has to offer.

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The map was created in 2008 with two goals in mind: Invite casual players to discover the fun of heroes combat against other players and create a game mode that would be fulfilling but not take hours to enjoy.
The map has since gone through numerous iterations and eventually jumped from 3.1 to its current rebalanced form.

The idea was to add more viable tactics and make all spells/units worth using. If something was viable before it still is and if it wasn't, it now probably is :)

Here is what to expect:

  • Ease and quickness in setting up your heroes.
    It should take you 5-15 mins to prepare before jumping to the final battle!

  • Less complex skill requirements so that you can focus on getting your desired build.
    The mentor will no longer ruin your plans!

  • An ingame skillwheel to easily follow said requirements.

  • A variety of available spells so that you can make use of more than your primary schools.

  • Heroes and War Machines now wait for 25%, making it easier to rearrange your Atb position!

  • Unit Atb is now visible on their portraits during combat! Atb builds up to 1000, when the unit acts.

    atb 1

  • Less randomised starting atb (0-5%)

  • No useless abilities, they all have impact.

  • New battlefield obstacles!

    obst 1

  • A few 3rd alternate upgrades per faction, offering new possibilities.

    djinn 1

  • Each faction has their own unique summon instead of random elementals.

  • Updated descriptions to make things more user friendly:

    - Skill descriptions show what they unlock in level ups!
    - Unit ability names are more intuitive, ie Rider Charge that reduces enemy defence by 15% per tile is named as Rider Charge 15%. Or Bravery that keeps your morale at 3, is named Bravery 3.
    - Spells/Ability descriptions also include known bugs or peculiar behaviour so you don't have to discover them at the worst possible time!


You can find a manual with the full changelog in the Downloads package.

Also a link to our Discord server! We have guides, replays, tourneys, you name it.

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