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A collection of custom PDA .pk4 mods with lots of music audio logs on each of them.

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Apparently PDA mods were bigger when this game was newer; can't seem to find much info about them nowadays. Good thing I had an old one on my external hdd, so i remade some more music player PDA mods with different artists' music in them.

WARNING - This will TOTALLY ruin the scary mood of Doom3!


DL the .pk4 files you want. Extract each pk4 from its .zip archive and put it in your Doom3 base folder. To uninstall just remove the .pk4 file from the base folder.


Give yourself the PDA from the console with the command "give pda (name of pda file)" (no quotes). See each file's readme for the name of the pda file to use.


Each readme contains the proper credits for the artists whose work is featured. Pls support each of them for their fantastic music!

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