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Everything was started at the end of 2013 by Tommy Ling LU.

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The 12th Doctor's Tardis (Interior Panels and Book Shelves Models are converted from Brian Rocz, the rest of interior and exterior models are created from scratch by Tommy LU),

The 12th Doctor's sonic screwdrivers models,

TARDIS key and the Supreme Dalek models,

TARDIS fade, Cloak and toplight models,

K-9 models,

Psychic Paper model and script,

Motion blur settings, some handling values,

Time Vortex model and all Tardis, Sonic and Regeneration Animations,

Sonic Screwdriver Scan modes, Character Switcher and tutorial hints scripts,

All Regeneration and Tardis Interior Particle Effects,

The 12th Doctor Model

(Made from scratch by Tommy in Zbrush, converted to the game by Bach),

GTA DW Mod Custom Settings Editor and interface designs

---- by Tommy

Sonic Screwdriver system,

TARDIS system

(TARDIS Interior Ambience, animated console toggles, TARDIS engine including all functions, Emergency Program, Self-Repair system, Basic Flight system, TARDIS Shield, HADS, Energy system, Cloaking Shell, Bars, ini files, all Fade Cycle effects, etc),

Time Vortex System,

K-9 system,

Regeneration System

---- by Mavl

Sonic Shades model conversion to game,

12th Sonic Screwdriver model conversion to game,

22 new Doctor Who Characters conversion to game,

Showcase Video,

Some Cool New Screenshots,

---- by Bach

Alpha Tester Tommy (TommyLingL)

Beta Testers GTARaj, P.J.S. & BachWhovian

CLEO Library Seemann & Alien

Modloader by LINK/2012

SA Window by ModelingMan

Open Limit Adjuster by LINK/2012

Motion Blur Advanced by Alexander Blade

New Opcodes by DK22Pac

Scrlog by LINK/2012

Heaven Sent Remix by George Wilson

All sound effects from BBC

Appreciation list:

Thanks Zach for bringing this mod back to live at the end of 2014.

Thanks GTARaj, Shadows43 for suggestions and new resources.

Thanks Mavl for helping to take this mod into the next level.

Thanks Bach for providing even more help and supports.

Thanks for all our fans for your nice and encouraging supports. The Mod will simply not go this far without u guys :)

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