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Diplomacy 4.litdum Descriptions, Notes & Features

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This is a complete overhaul for Mount & Blade Warband, with the best possible graphics, artificial intelligence(AI), animations, sounds, battle mechanics, scenes, tons of features, millions of bug fixes and many other improvements that I can't list them all here. In addition to all these, it's been also aimed to get the highest performance from the game. Although diplomacy is just one of tons of improvements and features in the mod, the mod's name is Diplomacy 4.litdum because I had started modding a few years ago with the diplomacy, which was my favorite feature at that time. Also, I like the name Diplomacy.


  • Diplomacy
    I assume basic Diplomacy features are already known. Many of that features are improved and fixed. Also many other features have been added. Some of them:
    • Cultural differences are more important.
    • Sending gift or caravans and relations with lords have been improved and fixed.
    • Diplomatic employees(chancellor, constable and chamberlain) differ based on the faction or culture you choose.
    • AutoSell, AutoBuy and AutoLoot have been fixed.
    • The options to rule kingdom when you are co-ruler(married to a pretender who has taken the throne) have been fixed and improved.
    • And many other improvements and fixes...
  • New Feasts
    The feast system has been improved
    • The relation change system has been modified and fixed.
    • New animations, foods and drinks for the lords and ladies who joined the feast.
  • Custom Banner
    You can create your banner with very detailed options.
    • You can select up to six banner charges among many.
    • You can change your banner charges' positions and sizes on your banner.
    • You can choose your banner's type, map flag type, background pattern etc.
    • And you can set the colors of all of these on very detailed color selection menu.
  • Formations & Field Battle AI
    This is new battle tactics, formations, orders and field battle AI, which I built on motomataru's Battle Tactics Kit. I had started to improve it to fix some bugs, but as a result, I have built a brand new artificial intelligence. Moreover, despite the AI that I've highly improved, it has now very little CPU usage and provides the maximum performance. I don't think this has been done any better for Warband so far!
    • Much more functional and smarter battle tactics AI.
    • Archers bugs have been fixed.
    • AI rotation problems have been fixed.
    • Troops immediately follow the new orders just like Native orders.
    • Formations can be used functionally by both player and AI. (As an example, when AI infantry in shielwall face enemy archers, they stand closer and take defend action with their shields.)
    • Fights between rival infantries in formation have been fixed and improved, also made easier for the player to get involved and more enjoyable.
    • A new AI has been created for spearwall so AI can use it properly and it has been made very effective.

AI SPEARWALL - as a Rhodok Sergeant in King Graveth's army:

AI SHIELDWALL - as a Nord Huscarl in King Ragnar's army:

  • PreBattle Orders & Deployment
    This includes some new orders such as weapon orders, crouching, skirmish, volley fire and spearwall, also AI additions and some options such as having bodyguards in towns, villages and castles and of course pre-battle orders and deployment options.
    • Archers bug with volley fire has been fixed.
    • AI can use crouch order.
    • Spearwall order and spear bracing for the player have been fixed and improved. (The new spearwall AI is already mentioned above.)
    • Weapon orders are persistent until the troops are ordered otherwise.
    • Split Troop Assigments have been fixed.
    • The option to choose who will join you at start has been fixed.
    • Real Deployment Phase has been added, which allows you to position your troops on the field before the battle begins.
    • Prebattle Order selection bugs have been fixed. You can give orders to your troops via the order screen, which can be reached with the "Plan your battle with the enemy" option on the battle menu.
    • Or you can prefer to give these orders on the battlefield before the battle begins, via the "Take the field" option on the battle menu.(Real Deployment Phase)
    • Or you can use both of them:

PreBattle Orders & Deployment:

  • Naval Battles, Sea Travel & Sea Trade
    This includes sea travel, sea battle, sea trade, additional quests etc.
    • Trader ships have been fixed and improved and they can get into town ports.
    • Sea raiders and pirates have also been fixed.
    • Some sea quests have been added. If you have a ship in the town port, you can get some sea quests from the town's Guild Master.
    • You can loot trader ships or escort them for some money.
    • Highly improved sea battles:

Naval Battle:

  • New Castles
    Castles now have their own economy so the incomes from the castles are much more reasonable and not depending on only it's bounded village.
    • All of the castles have farms, houses, animals etc. in their courtyards.
    • Some quests are available from the Town Elders in castles.
    • Castles have their own people living in.
    • You can buy supplies from the castles as well.
    • In summary, now the castles are also alive and involved in the game and the economy.
  • Freelancer
    This allows you to enlist in a lord's army as his soldier.
    • It has become much more enjoyable with the new battle tactics AI.
    • Equipment system has been improved.
    • The bug when other parties join the battle together with the commander's party has been fixed.
    • You will get payment for each enemy that you beat while in the army based on their levels.
    • The issue you being declarated as a deserter while your commander is a prisoner has been fixed.
    • If you don't give back all the equipments you have taken, while the promotion or leaving the army, you will be fired from the army as a thief. So, be sure you haven't sold or thrown out the equipments you've taken.
    • And many other improvements and fixes...
  • New Sieges & Siege AI
    Sieges have been improved and a new siege AI has been created. The AI is basically that attacker(besieger) archers decide whether to stand on the ground and fire or attack the walls, based on the current strength and position of the defenders, instead of attacking the walls directly.
    • Defender archers are a bit more effective, so it is a little more difficult to conquer a castle/town.
    • A new siege tower has been added.
    • Defender archers use flaming arrows.
  • Tournament Play Enhancement
    This is a brand new and detaily improved tournament gameplay, which changes the system for winning tournaments from "relying primarily on surviving to be the last man standing" to "earning points based upon performance with the winner being the participant with the most points accumulated".
    • Billions of bugs have been fixed.
    • Participants skills have been fixed to reasonable levels. Focused on competition in scoring rather than too strong participants. So tournaments have been made much more enjoyable.
    • Ranking display have real portraits of participants.
    • New, cultural and differentiate tournament equipments.
    • Cultural names and titles.
    • And billions of other fixes and improvements...
  • New Kingdom AI & Inheritance System
    Kingdom AI has improved so that kingdoms are more stable. At least until the player advance enough to get involved in the things.
    • If a fief is a lord's starting land, the lord or his family has advantage to be granted this fief after it is gained back by their kingdom. (Inheritance System)
    • Marshals are replaced a little less frequently.
    • Kingdoms attach more importance to their original territory.
  • Item Improvement
    Weapons, armors and horses can be improved by speaking with the town merchants.
  • Using Auxiliary Player in Battle a.k.a. Bodysliding
    You can control another soldier in your party to continue the battle after you were knocked out.
  • Lords Changing Factions
    If you don't like seeing names such as Boyar Nuwas, Emir Klargus, Jarl Kramuk, you can turn off changing factions/being exiled/defection for vassals on "Diplomacy 4.litdum preferences" on the camp menu.
  • Lords Changing Cultures
    This allows the lords to use their new kingdom's culture while recruiting for their army after defection. This option is disabled by default. If you want it to be active, you need to enable it on "Diplomacy 4.litdum preferences" on the camp menu.
  • Bridge Battles
    If you are near or over a bridge on the map when the battle started, there will be the bridge in the battle scene.
  • Tavern Animations
    There are musicians and townsmen/women sitting and drinking in taverns (tavern scenes are also modified with foods, drinks, tables and chairs).
  • Combat Animations
    These are new attack and defence animations.
  • Camels Frighten Horses
    Horses are afraid of camels and react(rearing), except for chargers and Sarranid horses. This has also been improved and fixed.
  • Changing Party Name
    You can change your party's name after your renown became 70.
  • Drinks in Taverns
    You can buy beers and wines talking tavernkeepers to increase your party's morale.
  • Selling Prisoner
    You can sell your prisoners to tavernkeepers as well.
  • Maximum Battle Size has been increased to 450
  • All the scenes have been overhauled to be unique
  • The ability to add titles to the end of your vassals' names
  • Adding troops to garrison from the parties accompanying the player
  • Overhead thrust with onehanded spear
  • Perfect troop tree presentation
  • Items have been seperated to the markets based on cultures they are used by
  • Troops have got better equipments at lower levels
  • Ethnic faces
  • The game will pause and warn you when your party detected enemies during fast travel
  • New blood and sound effects
  • Balanced kingdom strenghs
  • The darkness proplem has been solved
  • and millions more features, improvements and fixes that I don't even remember...

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