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Here are some features of Digmaan and the reason why you need to play it.

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Ai Features:

Normal Aliens

-Intelligent Alien Entities
-Accurate Shooting Skills
-Easy to kill, Easy for them to kill you also (realistic)
-Random spawn area
-Can duck walk, hide, strafe

Boss Alien

-Super Hard to Kill
-Have different weapon
-Can act the same as normal Aliens
-Can dodge bullets

Items Features

-Health kits
-Guns and rifles have no cross-hair but can aim (realistic effect)
-Convertible rifles from simple fire to grenade launcher
-Melee attack of weapons
-Spawning weapons and bullets (secret areas)

Player Features

-Can duck, hide, dodge, fire, melee attack, strafe from left to right
-Can aim
-Can pick up weapon
-Can interact


-Large maps
-Some are puzzle maps
-With different challenging levels
-Realistic environment (except inside alien base)

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