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Dear friends, we decided to open access to videos of our work on creating bots and missions.

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Dear friends, we decided to open access to videos of our work on creating bots and missions.

The commentator is in Russian, but I will try to briefly describe what is in these videos.
After watching the first hour of the stream, you can learn how to make your bot build a base and then expand, then there is a gradual strengthening and adding different waves to attacks, the formation of unique ways of Attacks.

The first hour of video is of great benefit to those looking to get started.

The second issue: this time, not everything turned out so smoothly and simply, for about 4 hours they were looking for the reason for the incorrect operation of the attack with the target priorities, but in the end everything became clear.

Third issue: a whole bunch of different chips, methods with algorithms for strengthening bots, developing the potential of AI, the process of creating and learning how to make a bot smarter and build tanks and units when necessary.

The fourth issue: adding upgrades, increasing with auto-determination of the desired targets on the map, setting conditions for the response of the purchases of troops. Protection of the bot while in the zone of the bot base, enhanced construction of troops with modes of protection and hunting for the player.

Work on the creation of the bot continues, follow the releases and make your own unique bots for epic battles. Write comments if you are interested in such news if we are in demand, we will do it more often.


the mod is good. but its definitely not enough. its not so polished like shockwave and rise of the reds. you have some units and some great ideas. but there are broken parts too. please make it better i will retry after

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generalszhprojectrap Author

write if you know any specific problems ?

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