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Complete credits and a history of mod's developing.

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Russian Stronghold Europe Team (2009-2013):

AKINFEEV - graphics, animation, music, lead design
Afftar III - map design
Aleksii - map design
apollo440 - additional design, map & AIV's design, mod's emblem
Barbarossa - additional design, text design
Harvester - exe's modding tutor
Fact - graphics, additional design
FuPwTeuH - map design
JIGIT - map design
Just Perfect - founder, coordinating
Legolas - map design
Overlord aka RedDevilVladis aka CyberCorpse - map design, campaign design, text design
HAWK - map design, campaign design
Quaestor - additional design
quake - UI design
Riketta - graphics
syltan - map design
Totti - testing and compilation of mod files
- TNV - - graphics
Vermillion - map design
Zakrotol - map design
Abbat_DErble - text design
Vizier - AIV's, screenshots
Diego - PR and website hosting
Octavian_Augustus - map design, exe's modding
Richard - AIV's design, coordinating, lead design, compilation of mod files

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Stronghold Europe HD developers

Lord Löwenherz aka TeutonenRitter - founder, lead design, map design

KaiserJonas, Wüstenkrieger, August, Lord Lordy, Birnstab - map design

EaglePrince - map design, community management

CyberCorpse - exe's modding, graphics, text design, map design, campaign design

Guest - - 699,054 comments

Ah,Blast from the Past
Приятно видеть что нашу работу не поглотили века
И приятно что даже меня, дебила по имени Ричард, вспомнили

Привет всем кто с того самого !

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iammadnessincarnate - - 2 comments

feels good to see our work flourish.

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Lorrdy - - 1 comments

I would not have thought that Stronghold Europe still exist.
Thank you for this. :)

-Lorrdy (aka Lord Lordy)

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