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This is a short dev blog about the Bulgarian faction in mod and news about developement pause.

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Hello dear followers. It passed few months after the last and our first dev blog. Now is time for another one. In this dev blog we gonna discuss about the Bulgarian Revolutionaries which is the faction representing bulgarians.


The Bulgarian Revolutionaries are located in the todays north western bulgaria. Its capital is the city of Sophia. The faction occupies one city - Sophia, one fort - Pleven and two villages - Pleven and Blagoevgrad. State is ruled by Georghi Marmachev.

The Bulgarian territories:

mb warband 2018 09 02 11 39 36 3

The leader:

mb warband 2018 09 02 11 42 52 0

The inspiration to put bulgarians in the mod is that in that period bulgarians uprised few times against ottomans.


Troop tree:


Short info about troops:

Buntovniks and Haiduks are rather irregular troops and not experienced in the combat, but slight advantage is the variety of weapons. They can use sabres, various quality muskets and pistols.


mb warband 2018 09 02 12 04 42 5


mb warband 2018 09 02 12 05 45 1

Chetniks are regular line infatry. They currently use "Tancica" Musket but later will be replaced with Rashka musket.


mb warband 2018 09 02 12 09 21 7

Hush and Komita are elite pistolers unit. They are only units who use the Revolvers.



The komita picture you can find on mod page.

Strelec is light sharpshooter infantry. Uses Tancica musket wich is accurate and deadly. This troop isnt good in close combat. (pic already exsist)

Znamenosec is the flag bearer. Uses flag and sabre as weapon.

mb warband 2018 09 02 12 15 48 7

Konnik is the horseman. For weapon he uses sabre and pistol. Fast and deadly. (pic already exsist)


Joining the Bulgarian faction can be quite challenging. They are small faction with two villages where number of recruitment can be very random. And they have a goal to liberate large territories such as Plovdiv. So difficulty to play as Bulgarian we can say its Hard.


Most of you knows that summer is over and it is time for school aye?

Because most of our team are students and school is starting in following week, we decided to pause developement till december. I know you will find this hard but the school and private life duties are on the first place. This is just info to inform you that MOD IS NOT DEAD.


MightyL and the team.

The_Hussar - - 120 comments

Great to see the Bulgarians! I 'd love to play as them and liberate Bulgaria! Do you plan to release a version of the mod before you take a break?

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MightyL Author
MightyL - - 797 comments

Nope, mod is not ready yet to be played

Reply Good karma+2 votes
BongMcRips - - 8 comments

No worries we can wait.just dont abandoned it lol!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
DushanTheMighty - - 5 comments

Ta zastava sa lavom jel Bugarska?
Ako jeste zasto je na njoj natpis "Sloboda ili smrt" ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
MightyL Author
MightyL - - 797 comments

Sloboda ili smrt je više geslo Komitsko-Četničkih postrojbi koje su bile prisutne i u Srbiji i u Bugarskoj stoga, da prisutno je i u Bugara i u Srba.

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Guest - - 699,831 comments

Thank you.

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MightyL Author
MightyL - - 797 comments

No problem.

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