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Who made the mod and what is in the mod, along with the most exciting additions the mod makes.

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What makes the mod so special?

  • Improved modern and future technology tree
  • Expanded modern units and future units
  • 14 new civilizations complete with animated leaders, Unique units and buildings
  • 7 New animated leaderheads for existing civilizations
  • Heroic special forces units
  • Expanded promotions
  • 50+ new events
  • Expanded Resources
  • Realistic civilization flags
  • Ethnically diverse city graphics
  • Additional Wonders
  • Additional Buildings
  • Additional Civics
  • Vastly improved speed performances
  • Future era optional

How does it expand gameplay?

  • Max Civilizations increased from 18 to 50
  • Revolutions and civil war can occur (See post 2)
  • Barbarians can form civilizations
  • Giant and Gigantic map scale
  • Lead from Behind
  • Improved Espionage
  • Influence Driven War
  • Added Religious Victory
  • Ranged Bombardment
  • Better AI with vastly improved speed performance
  • Religious Inquisitions
  • New premade maps, example Earth and Europe maps with 50civs
  • New Map Generators
  • Culturally Diverse City Styles

What I think are the best things about the mod.

The biggest additions this mod brings are the revolutionized civics, the diversified modern and future eras, the ability for barbarians to become nations, and the ability for nations to split into two or more nations due to revolts or civil wars.

During my last name, half of the ten or more nations on the map were from rebels or barbarians.

Who made this mod? (Not Warhead, Definitely not him)

Jdog5000, Dom Pedro II, Glider1, Afforess, Phungus420 and RevDCM team
Dale for DCM
Moctezuma for IDW
Solver, Dresdon and Jdog5000 for the BTS unofficial patch:
Better BTS AI Team and Jdog5000:
Bug Mod Team and EmperorFool
Trojan Sheep for Super Spies
WoC Mod Team

Avain for his many projects and ideas.
Johny Smith for his high

woc-lite concept
PieceOfMind for the Advanced Combat Odds
OrionVeteran for some core algorithms in Revolutions Inquisitions
Thomas SG for the "Positions of Scores" scrollbar
Minor Annoyance for Global Warming Mod
Kael for Barbarian World game option
DaveMcW for Show Hidden Attitude Mod
GeoModder for Ethnic City Styles
Afforress for Realistic Diplomacy.
EmporerFool and Arian for Event Images
Antilogic for More Events
Uncut dragon for lead from behind

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