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All Information regarding Destroyer - 41 in Tiberium Crisis.

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--- Destroyer - 41 Database ---

Alien Traitor

Destroyer - 41 is a faction of the Scrin. The Scrin have a total of three factions: Scrin, Reaper - 17, Traveler - 59, Destroyer - 41 (Scrin, Reaper -17, Traveler-59, Destroyer - 41). Destroyer - 41 pursued more powerful forces and developed some private technology alone, its units are almost all different from the other three factions. They have gone to Earth (The Scrin who first discovered the Earth is Destroyer - 41) grabbed several humans to mutate, but the chance of success is not high. One day, they stumbled upon the mutation of their own planet's creatures, not only with a high success rate and combat effectiveness. D41's ambition from the beginning to expand, the heart of rebellion began to sprout. They sneaked soldiers from other factions into mutational experiments and turned them into the Shrimps. Gradually, the D41 began to steal technology from other factions and plunder vehicles for reinforcement... Eventually became a traitor and splitting up with the other three factions.

The Earliest Visitor

Far from the time of Red Alert 2, the Scrin has visited the Earth; the first to reach the earth is the Destroyer - 41. After D41 betrayed, the other three factions came to attack it. However, D41 still can not defeat the other three factions, and their last force flew to the earth with two spaceships. One of the spaceship was destroyed and became a "meteorite with Tiberium" crashing into the earth --- and the Tiberium was born on Earth. The other was lucky enough to flee, but lost control of the spaceship and crashed on Earth as the spaceship was hit a few times soon after reaching the Earth. But there are still D41 survivors who have developed in a covert and uninhabited place on earth. Of course, the crashed spaceship was also discovered by Nod (first appeared in C&C 2).


Destroyer - 41 intend to re-establish a base on Earth, spreading a wide range of Tiberium and establishing a Tiberium Inhibitor to extirpate the other three factions. But eventually they were spotted by T59 and informed of the other factions attacking the D41 base built on Earth and eliminating the Destroyer - 41 forever. (The Tiberium was not crazy growth on Earth at that time, the Scrin also disdain)

D41 Structure: Tiberium Inhibitor

Before betrayal, D41 studied how to destroy the Tiberium. Of course, this technology is forbidden to study. The Tiberium Inhibitor can only fire twice before it recharged (requires a lot of energy). Tiberium Inhibitor not only has been able to inhibit the growth of Tiberium, and when inhibited to a certain extent, it can directly destroy the Tiberium. Once it fired, it can destroy an entire planet of Tiberium --- a project that is huge and requires so much energy. In order to solve the problem of insufficient energy, the D41-built Tiberium Inhibitor can also absorb the energy of other planets, but the signals it emits while ingesting energy are also discovered by the Scrin.

D41 Defense Structure: Space Hunter

Destroyer - 41 having stolen human technology (perfect stealing and undetected when humans were not aware of aliens on Earth (PS: Is this a technological gap: D?) And using their technology combined with their own technology, creating the Space Hunter. It is armed with weapon that were remodeled with human weapons, and it is also the only structure without teleporting to build.

D41 Superweapon: Inverse Phase Generator

--- After mutation, transformation, the use of inverse engineering technology, has played the true power of phase technology: from protecting units to destroying units, the destructive power is extremely scary.

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