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Waken by a huge explosion, you find yourself in a plain prison cell. You don't know where you are, or how you've got here. You don't even remember your name. You walk out of your cell and into a long, dark hallway. You heard something about a "Containment Breach" through the intercom a few moments ago, and seeing all the blood and dead bodies on the floor, you know that whatever just happened must be terrible. You need to get out of here, but horrific monsters and locked doors stand in your way

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You found yourself in Sector 13, prior Maintenance Area 27, one of the first facilities ever built in Area 64. Prior reconstruction, it consisted of maintenance tunnels and storage halls and functioned as a temporary maintenance facility for the construction of the other sectors of Area 64 ( Sector 1 - 12 ). It also functioned as a place to temporarily store unused equipment.

Sector 13, Prior Reconstruction

Due to a massive containment breach in Site ****, large amounts of SCPs (See log-087924) were transferred to prior Maintenance Area 27 for temporal storage before the reparation of Site ****, Due to the reparation of Site **** being delayed twice (2) by earthquakes, Area Director ********** assigned Containment Engineer ********* to reconstruct prior Maintenance Area 27 into an new Sector of Area 64, named as sector 13 for more reliable containment, for prior Maintenance Area 27 was one of the few maintenance areas that have a modular design, which made reconstruction relatively easy.

SCPs From Site ******

The reparation of Site was completed in ****, and *** SCPs were transferred back to Site ****. The remaining SCPs, besides SCP-106 and SCP- **** are to be permanently stored in Sector 13, Area 64.

SCP106's Chamber

You, subject D-5186, find yourself in the middle of a containment breach, caused by an experiment that had gone wrong deep within the facility. You need to get out of here, but horrific monsters and locked doors stand in your way. Navigate the long, dark hallways to find an escape!

Experiment Gone WrongSCP049, Chasing you in LCZ

The game is inspired by SCP: Secret Labortory, which is inspired by SCP: Containiment Breach. The assets are taken from other SCP games/from the unity asset store/made.

All content relating to the SCP Foundation is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit

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