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Basically a information about an important feature about the maps for the Blue Mesa's Demo (if anything changes ill let you know).

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Something new that the Demos map's will include is important to know before you play so you don't think something bad about it.
This article will provide the information needed and how it works.

Let me know if anything didn't work out (bugs, or I forgot/didn't made it well enough) so i can fix it or if you find a new way to make it much better I would like to know.

Ok now lets get to explaining:

The feature that I'm talking about is basically a wall that doesn't let you go in a certain place if you don't complete something that a trigger message that was placed there tell you what to do (what?).

If you complete what the message tells you the invisible wall disappears and you can pass.

I placed a invisible wall that blocks your way and a trigger in front of it that tells you what you have to do then i placed triggers on the place where you have to go so they remove what they need to remove.

I'm sorry if you didn't understand anything I wrote at 9 pm (night)

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