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A current list of the contributors for this project.

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Naturally, as a project progresses, the list of contributors grows with it.

The following is a list of credits to date.

Team Supervisor:

Paul Taylor:
- Supervisor
- Tools Programming

2010 Team:

Bradley Moore:
- Programming

Matthew Percy:
- Programming

Jason Hall:
- Programming
- Menu Design

Steven Begley:
- Tools Programming
- Installation Programming

Phillip Ward:
- Tools Programming
- Map Landscaping

Christopher Long:
- 3D Modeling and Animation
- Texturing

Mitchell Johnson:
- Art and Media
- Promotion and Advertising

Barry Hunter:
- Tools Programming

2011 Team:

Brendan Haesler
Sean Macfarlane
Chris Hawkins
Alan Lawrey
Andrew Brock
Llewellyn Phillips
David Smith
Ben Ryan
Josh Holcombe
Andrew Jenkins


The following music was used during prototyping and is available from

- "Can I Be a Star" by Burnshee Thornside
- "Cowboys and Crooks" by Jackal and Wolf
- "Go For Broke" by A Rival
- "Start Giving It Up" feat. Dreadlox Holmes by Brigitte Meuwsen


Sound effects are either native to UDK or were obtained through Sound Librarian.


- "Dakar Buggy" model by Copycatz, available through

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