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I have used many parts of many items in many mods, so I will give the credits to the mods and for full mods.

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I have used many parts of many items in many mods, so I will give the credits to the mods, but any credits I have forgotten or unspecified please send a private message or to my email Which I will be happy to correct!


Blood tweaks
Town pack
Warband Siege Scenes Pack
Men at Arms
Narf Trasistional
SSH Armor
XL Samurai Armor

Full mods:

A Clash Of Kings
A World of Ice And Fire
Anno Domini 1257
1429: The War of Cent Ans
Prophesy of Pendor


Do you have permission from all these full mods to use their assets?

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May I ask what was taken from Prophesy of Pendor? As far as I know no one have asked us for permission.

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Dont you think that taking some parts from a public mod, from a public site, which is both free, is not really a thing to ask permission for ? Thats the absolutely same thing, as if I would have to ask you for permission to download PoP. Which is dumb, if the mod is free, then the parts of it are obviously free as well. Giving credits is a different part of this problem in my opinion, even tho it would be quite polite to do so.

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I am afraid that this doesn't work like you have just described. If something is provided for free, it doesn't mean that end user can do everything with it as licences are still in place. For example some music tracks and models were donated to PoP under agreement that we won't use them in the other project or try to monetize them.
As for me personally, I don't want to see my models, created exclusively for PoP, in the other mods. For others I have created osp weapon pack and game editor, which peoples are welcome to use, but that is clearly described as "free" to use.

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And now we can't play that mod because of permission issues?

I remember that this community was more humble before, so is the main Developer of the game, that we like to mod so much and enjoy other's creations.

That pair of models won't bring you milions dude...if anything, it brings recongition when properly credited.

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