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(This is a long list, so it will take some time to complete...) (These are things that I'm working on, the following post has all the planned features) GTA4 OVERHAUL GAMEPLAY FEATURES This is what you actually see/experience in the game)

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So far, vehicle tracking has been the biggest part, so that is the only feature that is complete in this part. The rest will come soon

  • Vehicles never disappear.
    Instead, they remain where you left them (if it was hidden, or in a parking spot), or they get recovered by police (if they were stolen), or they get impounded (if it belongs to you, and you parked it in an improper location for an extended time)
  • Seat belts
  • Fuel Consumption
    This mod is mostly working, but we still need to implement the stations (waiting for properties mod).
    Then I will add all the associated effects of having no fuel/incorrect fuel type.
    Support for different fuel types
  • Real Names and variants
    Vehicles have real names and there are also more variants of each vehicle, each with it's own performance levels, handling and different upgrades available for them
  • Model rarity
    This will affect how often a certain model will get spawned.
    This is separate from the game's spawn ratio because of the extra models we allow.
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